Omarosa Predicts Trump Will ‘Make a Circus’ Out of Arraignment

Omarosa Manigault Newman on Politics Nation on April 2, to discuss the indictment against former President Donald Trump. (Credit: MSNBC)

Omarosa Manigault Newman says former President Donald Trump is “angry” about his indictment and will use it to create further divisions in the country.

Manigault Newman made the comment Sunday during an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on his MSNBC program, Politics Nation.

The former Trump protégé, who served as a White House aide in his administration and competed on his reality show, The Apprentice, said she’s glad to finally see her ex-boss being held accountable.

“It’s time for Donald Trump to be brought to justice for the crimes that he allegedly committed. It’s about time that he faces some consequences for his criminal behavior,” Manigault Newman told Sharpton.

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Trump was indicted Thursday by a grand jury convened by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, over the former president’s alleged role in a scheme to pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The former president has denied wrongdoing and responded to the indictment with a statement saying, “This is a Political Persecution and Election Interference at the highest level in history.”

On Monday, Trump left Florida and returned to New York, one day before he is expected to surrender and make his first court appearance to face criminal charges.

Manigault Newman said she believes Trump is seething after becoming the first ex-president in U.S. history to be indicted.

“I think Donald is angry. I think that he is frustrated. This is the first time that he is facing accountability,” she said.

Asked what she thinks will happen Tuesday, when Trump is formally charged, Manigault Newman predicted it will be a sideshow.

“He is going to make a circus out of this and unfortunately the country suffers when we allow this type of behavior,” she told Sharpton.

While many Republican leaders, including Former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have voiced support for Trump, Omarosa said they have something to gain.

“These Republicans aren’t really thinking about Trump, they’re thinking about trying to get Trump’s supporters as we move into this new presidential election cycle,” she said. “When I think about the Florida governor, he’s really pandering to those supporters that he thinks will help him get the Republican nomination.”

In 2018, Manigault Newman released a tell-all book about her time in the administration titled Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.

The Trump campaign was ordered to pay her more than $1.3 million in legal fees in April 2022, after Trump unsuccessfully sued her for allegedly violating a non-disclosure agreement.