Lamar Odom Reveals Shocking Details on His First Experience With Cocaine (Video)

Lamar Odom is opening up about his descent into drug hell.

The former NBA star, who overdosed in 2015, explains how he was introduced to cocaine and later developed a drug habit on TV One’s autobiographical docuseries, Uncensored.

“The first time I tried cocaine, I think it was that summer after the Olympics,” he says in a newly released clip for the episode.

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Odom, now 39, played in the summer games in Athens, Greece in 2004. He says a couple looking to party introduced him to the drug.

“This couple, it must have been some swinger sh– or something, they asked me if I’d like to hang out,” Odom recalls. “I’m like ‘hang out? You’re with your wife dude.'”

The former Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers star says he went to a bungalow with the couple, then explains what happened in explicit detail.

“She’s telling me whatever, to do it, try it. And I tried it and I just wish I never would have f–ed with that sh–, because that unleashed the demon,” he says about cocaine.

“Anybody knows… the first time you do it, the reason why it’s so good is because it’s your first time,” he explains, comparing drug use to masturbation. “Then the second time you’re doing it, you’re really chasing how good it was the second time, and then so on, and so on, and so on. That’s how habits are formed.”

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While he admits he eventually developed a “terrible habit,” Odom says he’ll never forget the first time he used the drug.

“It felt like it was orgasmic, the first time I ever did cocaine,” he says.

On Oct. 13, 2015, Odom collapsed at the Love Ranch brothel outside Las Vegas after bingeing on cocaine and sexual enhancement supplements. He suffered multiple strokes, a heart attack and slipped into a coma.

When he woke up, his estranged wife Khloé Kardashian was by his side.

In a second clip for Uncensored, Odom says he was dating Taraji P. Henson when he fell for Kardashian.

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“I wish I would have done things different with her,” Odom says of Henson. “She was a little older than me, but I learned a lot from her because that was the most significant relationship as a grownup that I had with a Black woman.”

“Things ended with Taraji because of me being an immature punk. I didn’t know how to tell her that I was falling in love with another woman named Khloé Kardashian,” he admits.

Uncensored delves into the lives of celebrities as they reveal secrets to their success and obstacles they faced. Other recent interview subjects include LisaRaye McCoy, Tyra Banks, and Tisha Campbell.

Odom’s episode airs Sunday at 9PM ET/8C on TV One.

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