Twitter Reacts to Resurfaced Clip of Lamar Odom Discussing Taraji P. Henson

Lamar Odom discusses his relationship with Taraji P Henson on Uncensored in 2019. (Credit: TV One)

Social media users unloaded on Lamar Odom over the weekend after a resurfaced clip from a 2019 interview he did with TV One docuseries Uncensored went viral. 

In the clip, Odom discussed dating Taraji P. Henson. The former NBA player talked about his drug use and said he fell for ex-wife Khloé Kardashian while he was still in a relationship with Henson. Odom said he met Henson at an HBO party and mentioned that he carried her picture on the road during his time as a basketball player.

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“I wish I would have done things different with her,” Odom said of Henson in the clip. “She was a little older than me, but I learned a lot from her because that was the most significant relationship as a grownup that I had with a Black woman.”

“Things ended with Taraji because of me being an immature punk. I didn’t know how to tell her that I was falling in love with another woman named Khloé Kardashian,” he continued.

[Watch the video below]

Social media users defended Henson and called out Odom.

@Rory_Breaker_ tweeted: “Dude left Taraji P Henson for Khloe Kardashian. It really was crack.”

@CertifiedAuntie tweeted: “@tarajiphenson is the definition of “Keep it Classy and Keep it Moving” after a break up. Crown Sis took off!”

@HappytobeHumble tweeted: “Lamar Odom really admitted to wrongly picking Khloe Kardashian over Taraji P. Henson and i wish he would have just took that to the grave. It was ok no one knew that lol.”

@Indiaa_Ari tweeted: “Lamar Odom talking about how he left Taraji P. Henson for Khloe Kardashian, and look at where that Kardashian curse led him tsk tsk tsk…. Taraji more successful than the both of them, whew I’m so happy she dodged that bullet.”

Watch the clip of Odom’s interview below: