Jeremih Details His Battle With COVID-19: I Wouldn’t Wish That on Anybody

Jeremih hopes his first on-camera interview following his fight with COVID-19 will help bring more awareness about the virus.

The “Don’t Tell ‘em” singer spoke with ABC7 Chicago to discuss the weeks-long health battle that ravaged his body.

“My heart was just beating irregularly. My liver and my kidneys were out — and I can talk about this now ’cause thank God I’ve made it and I’m still here — you know, I was on dialysis. They kept telling me the numbers weren’t getting any better,” the Grammy-nominated singer told reporter Samantha Chatman in the interview.

News of Jeremih contracting coronavirus first surfaced last month.

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The 33-year-old suffered from COVID-19 complications, including multiple inflammatory syndrome, which causes major organs to become inflamed. He was on a ventilator during his ICU stay at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital. After he stabilized, Jeremih had to learn how to walk and eat again in therapy.

“If I had to be the example, I’ll take it, because a lot of people might just be taking it for granted, still out partying and amongst their friends. It happened to me and I happen to be one of the few who made it,” he said.

“I wouldn’t wish that on nobody, to go through what I went through,” he continued.

The singer also talked about how he pulled through by thinking about his family, and with the support of close friends like Chance the Rapper.

“He knows my family, I know his family. So yeah, we were all affected by it,” Chance added in the interview.

The two collaborated in a first-of-its-kind holiday concert film called “Chi-Town Christmas” and also released the holiday musical album “Merry Christmas Lil Mama: The Gift that Keeps on Giving.”

Now Jeremih is using his second chance at life to make his family and hometown of Chicago proud.

“I had time to sit down and reevaluate my whole life, my career, and my purpose on this Earth right now,” Jeremih said.

Watch his full interview below: