Vince Staples Reveals Why His Netflix Show Only Has 5 Episodes

The Vince Staples Show (Credit: Netflix)

The Vince Staples Show has been generating heat on social media since it premiered Feb. 15.

The Netflix series stars Long Beach rapper Vince Staples and is loosely inspired by his life.

Fans noticed the comedy only has five episodes and some are asking why.

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One viewer hit Staples up on X, formerly Twitter, and asked if there are more episodes coming.

“Where are the remaining episodes bro???” the viewer posted on Feb. 16.

Staples immediately replied to the post with an answer, and urged fans to give the series a great review on the streaming platform — in hopes of getting a renewal.

“Netflix didn’t buy anymore episodes, so make sure you hit that double thumbs up. Peer pressure works and I’m tryna re up,” Staples posted.

Vince Staples posted on X about his Netflix series on Feb. 16, 2024. (Credit: X)

Staples’ post got more than 19,000 likes and generated nearly 200 comments.

“Y’all need another 20 Episodes green lit,” one person replied.

“Ur top 3 on trending. Netflix knows the show is a hit,” someone else wrote.

“I was wondering why it said ‘limited series,’ seems like you’re just getting started. Btw the bank episode is top tier!” another person wrote.

Set in Long Beach, the scripted comedy follows the “Magic” rapper leading an action-packed life, from dealing with bank robbers to getting told off by the cashier in a chicken restaurant.

Additional cast members include Vanessa Bell Calloway and Andrea Ellsworth, along with guest stars Naté Jones, Arturo Castro, Scott MacArthur, Bryan Greenberg, and Myles Bullock.

The series comes from Kenya Barris and his Khalabo Ink Society production company. Staples and Barris serve as executive producers alongside Ian Edelman, Maurice Williams, Corey Smyth, and William Stefan Smith.

Staples co-created the show with Ian Edelman and Maurice Williams

The Vince Staples Show is currently streaming on Netflix.