‘SNL’: Katt Williams and Catwoman Imposters Crash Zoë Kravitz’s Monologue

Zoë Kravitz set out to deliver her opening monologue on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, but she was cut off by several cat women imposters and Katt Williams.

The actress, who plays Catwoman in The Batman, kicked off her SNL hosting duties by announcing she prepared for her role in the blockbuster film similar to the way Joaquin Phoenix got ready for Joker — by watching the musical Cats for a year.

As Kravitz explained her acting method, she was interrupted by a latex-clad 1990s Catwoman played by Kate McKinnon who shared her own comic book origin story — she was saved by a group of cats after falling out of a window. McKinnon then showed Kravitz a low-tech cat signal for the city to use when residents need help.

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The cat signal summoned SNL regular Ego Nwodim, who was dressed as a 1960s version of the late Eartha Kitt as Catwoman.

“I was the first Black Catwoman. Meow,” Nwodim said in her best impression of Kitt, who starred in the 1967 TV series Batman.

A third cat woman — err cat lady — played by cast member Aidy Bryant chimed in, before Chris Redd appeared dressed as comedian Katt Williams — complete with flowing hair, a velvet jacket and satin tie.

“It is I, Katt Williams,” Redd said. “Oh come on, you’re not even a woman,” Kravitz shot back. “I am a lover of women. Meow!” he responded.

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The group then joined forces to fight crime together before Kravitz was finally allowed to finish her monologue and introduce the night’s musical guest — Rosalía.

Watch the video above from SNL of host Zoë Kravitz’s opening monologue.