‘SNL’ Reimagines ‘Family Matters’ With Armed and Dangerous Urkel

SNL Reimagines Family Matters (Credit: NBC)

With a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reimagining coming to NBCUniversal streamer Peacock, Saturday Night Live decided to reboot 1990s sitcom Family Matters.

Like the original series, the SNL version of Family Matters was set in Chicago and centered on the Winslow family and their nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel.

[Watch the video below]

The trailer for the reimagined version was “serious, high-stakes” and full of drama. The new Urkel, played by SNL regular Chris Redd, was street smart, armed and ready for whatever.

“People from outside call it Chiraq,” Redd said as he walked down the streets of Chicago. “Around here, ain’t no good news in the newspapers. The only advantage I’ve got is my mind.”

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When he wasn’t hitting the books, Urkel dreamed about his neighbor Laura Winslow (SNL‘s Ego Nwodim). Unfortunately, she didn’t feel the same way and her dad told Urkel to get lost.

“What are you deaf Steve? She ain’t interested! Now get the hell outta here,” said Laura’s dad Carl Winslow, played by Kenan Thompson.

Urkel’s family life was just as depressing as his love life. His father was gone and his mother, played by guest host Ariana DeBose, was a drunk who insisted Urkel stop building gadgets in his bedroom and get a job.

“When you gone stop working on them stupid robots and make some money for this family?” she yelled, before throwing a bottle of whiskey against a wall.

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Moments later, Urkel learned another kid was romancing Laura and he lost it. The nerd suddenly beat the other kid to a pulp and pointed a gun at him.

“Did I do that?” Redd said, delivering Urkel’s classic line from the original series.

Police officer Carl suddenly appeared on the scene and stopped Urkel from pulling the trigger.

Carl had a heart-to-heart talk with the teen and told him, “The Steve Urkel I know is way too smart for that hood nonsense.”

He added, “The Winslows are your family, and family fu–ing matters.”