‘Belle Collective’ Supertease Reveals Tensions, Pregnancy Stress and Bad Brunch Behavior (Video)

Belle Collective Fall 2023 (Credit: OWN)

The belles will be back in November on new episodes of Belle Collective.

The Jackson, Mississippi set series follows six boss ladies — Tambra Cheri, Aikisha Holly-Colon, Marie Hamilton-Abston, Lateshia Pearson, Latrice Rogers, and Sophia O. Williams aka “Sogucci.”

OWN released a supertease for the unscripted series this week, revealing the new episodes will show family tensions, pregnancy stress, and lots of drama involving Latrice’s husband, Cliff.

“Don’t you bring Cliff’s name in our marriage. I’m sick of hearing what the hell Cliff had to say,” Lateshia tells Glen in the extended trailer

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Per OWN, the new episodes will find Lateshia’s brunch tour getting off to a rocky start after Latrice drops an F-bomb and seemingly insults other attendees. When Lateshia confronts Latrice about her bad brunch behavior, their friendship abruptly hits a roadblock.

Sogucci and JJ deal with the effects of an altercation with JJ’s ex-wife Selena, causing tensions among the blended family.

Tambra and Demond are expecting a baby. But after Tambra’s multiple fibroid surgeries, she tries to keep her stress in check since she is high risk.

Marie is organizing an upcoming Lupus Gala while also dealing with her mother, Lula, who still struggles with addiction.

The season also shows the Southern belles getting invited to the state capitol to receive a big honor, but one of the ladies is excluded and the accusations fly.

Belle Collective is produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment with Carlos King, Angela Dugan, Cherelle Hinds and Michelle Brando serving as executive producers. The series premiered in January 2021, and for three seasons has been a big hit for OWN.

The new episodes debut Friday, Nov. 10, at 9 pm EST | 7 PM CST on OWN.