Nick Cannon to Discuss Son’s Death on ‘The Checkup With Dr. David Agus’

Nick Cannon on The Checkup with Dr. David Agus (Credit: Paramount+)

Nick Cannon will open up in a new interview about losing his infant son, Zen, to a malignant brain tumor.

The actor and host sits down for a conversation about losing his son on the new Paramount+ docuseries, The Checkup With Dr. David Agus.

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In the trailer released Tuesday, Cannon discusses Zen’s diagnosis.

“They told me the best case scenario, your son could live to three or four years old,” Cannon says.

Asked how he deals with the loss, he responds, “There’s a lot of guilt, but there’s a purpose in my pain.”

The Masked Singer host will also detail his own near-fatal lupus diagnosis in the interview.

Cannon is one of several Hollywood insiders to sit down with Dr. David Agus, a cancer specialist and CBS News medical contributor, to discuss their health struggles.

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The six-episode docuseries also includes interviews with Oprah Winfrey and Maria Shriver, Ashton Kutcher, Amy Schumer, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, and Howie Mandel.

“These artists were willing to take us deep into their own health stories, often for the first time in such a revealing way,” Agus said in a statement. “Their stories are captivating and scary, though ultimately uplifting and inspiring.”

The series is produced by Skydance Television and See It Now Studios. Executive producers include Dr. David Agus, Amy Coleman, David Ellison and Dana Goldberg for Skydance Television. For See It Now Studios, Susan Zirinsky and Terence Wrong are the executive producers, Aysu Saliba is the supervising producer and Adam Goldfried is the executive director.

The Checkup With Dr. David Agus premieres on Tuesday, Dec. 6, with the first three episodes streaming on Paramount+, and the final three episodes debuting on Monday, Dec. 12.

Below are details from Paramount+ on the six episodes.

· Actor Ashton Kutcher discloses his terrifying battle with a rare life-threatening disease and sits for his first interview with twin brother Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy and had a heart transplant.

· Oprah Winfrey and Maria Shriver provide an unflinching look at women’s health issues, talking candidly with Agus about how menopause is often misunderstood and mistreated.

· Howie Mandel opens up to Agus about his debilitating life-long struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mandel’s daughter Jackelyn joins them for a frank discussion of what it was like growing up with her dad and her own panic attacks and anxieties.

· Amy Schumer confides the harrowing details of her decades-long reproductive health struggles and the difficult childhood that led to battles with depression and a tendency to get “blackout drunk.”

· Nick Cannon tells Agus about the crushing loss of his son, Zen, to a malignant brain tumor. Cannon also reveals his own near-fatal lupus diagnosis. Cannon explains how these life-altering events were profound lessons that led him to reprioritize what was important.

· Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin share their secrets to longevity and aging gracefully. The discussion ranges from sex in their 80s, their very different sense of self, to the foods that keep them young. We look at Fonda’s most recent diagnosis with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.