Omarion vs Mario Verzuz Battle Was an Entertaining ‘Mess,’ According to Fans

Omario and Mario Verzuz Battle (Credit: VerzuzTV)

The highly-anticipated Verzuz battle between R&B singers Omarion and Mario got underway Thursday in Los Angeles, and it was a night filled with jokes, watermelon eating, B2K taunts, and a warm-up event that seemed to never end.

Before the main talent took the stage, there was a battle featuring Ray J and Bobby V against Pleasure P and Sammie. It went on and on, and featured host DeRay Davis rapping, dancing, trying to control the drama, and telling Ray J to get off the stage and “go home ni–a.”

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Finally! After over two and a half hours, it was time for Omarion and Mario to battle it out.

Omarion brought out Jeremih, Tank, his brother and a clown – yes a clown. Mario brought out B2K impersonators and said “Imma let y’all fix this little sh-t y’all got going on.”

Omarion tried to insult Mario for not being on the Millenium Tour, but Mario fired back “I didn’t wanna be on that raggedy sh-t.”

And in a bizarre stunt, Omarion suggestively ate a slice of watermelon on stage.

Fans inside The Novo appeared to be having a good time, but the people watching from home — who made Verzuz a top trending topic on Twitter —  branded the battle a “hot mess.” And they overwhelming declared Mario the winner.

Read some of the reactions below.