Cush Jumbo Faces a Mom’s Worst Fears in Lifetime’s ‘Girl in the Video’ Trailer

Girl in the Video (Credit: Lifetime)

In Lifetime’s latest addition to its popular “Girl in” franchise, Cush Jumbo takes on the role of Mo, a widowed single mother determined to protect her daughter in the upcoming  thriller, Girl in the Video.

The trailer shows Mo facing the challenges of raising two teenagers alone. The plot takes a disturbing turn when her daughter Krissy, played by Tia May Watts, becomes entangled in a mysterious online relationship.

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Krissy, still grappling with the loss of her father, finds solace in an online connection with “Toby,” a seemingly harmless high school senior. However, when Krissy goes missing after meeting “Toby” in person, Mo is thrust into a desperate search to save her daughter from the dangers of the dark web.

In the first look trailer, Krissy is held captive as her kidnapper sets up a livestream video feed for people who pay money to watch her being abused.

“Our show is not over yet. I’ve got a big ending planned,” her captor says, hinting at something more sinister.

Joined by her teenage son Robbie and local detectives, Mo must race against time to find Krissy before it’s too late.

The movie, filmed in Norfolk, England, captures the chilling realities of online predators and sex trafficking.

Inspired by real events, the film is set to premiere on Jan. 13.

Previous installments of the “Girl In” franchise include Girl in the Closet, Girl in Room 13, and Girl in the Basement.

Following Girl in the Video, Lifetime is set to premiere the following titles:

Dying in Plain Sight
(Premiering Jan. 20)
Starring Morgan Cruz and Nicola Correia-Damude, this film delves into generational relationships and their impact on eating disorders when an overweight teen’s complex dynamic with her mother takes a dangerous turn.

Confessions of a Cam Girl
(Premiering Jan. 27)
Starring Megan Best, Camille Sullivan, and Josh Bogert, this movie explores the consequences faced by an ambitious woman who creates an explicit website to fund her dream of attending fashion school, leading to shocking outcomes for her and her family when her secret is exposed.

Girl in the Video premieres Saturday, Jan. 13 at 8/7c on Lifetime. You can watch the trailer below.