Lifetime Announces Movies Starring Vivica A. Fox and Tom Sandoval

Vivica A. Fox and Tom Sandoval Star in New Lifetime Movies (Credit: LMN)

Lifetime Movie Network is set to bring new films to the screen starring Vivica A. Fox, Tom Sandoval, Eric Roberts, Jackée Harry, and Tracy Nelson.

The network unveiled details on the films Thursday, Jan. 4, saying 14 new titles will be released in the first quarter of 2024.

Among the films is The Wrong Life Coach, starring and executive produced by Vivica A. Fox. The project marks the 35th film in the Wrong franchise, which the network describes as “So wrong, yet so right.”

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Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval adds to his acting credits with Tall, Dark and Dangerous, about a dating app imposter who stole the identity of his former roommate.

The new slate begins airing tonight, with Dying For Fame. The film centers on career-driven tabloid reporter Anna (Dylan Raine), who is assigned to write a profile about popular influencer Juliet (Amelie Anstett).

During their time together, Anna discovers many of Juliet’s fans aren’t real. After she is confronted, Juliet reveals a different story about a stalker who has been tormenting her for months but Anna ultimately decides to proceed with the fake fans story. When Juliet is found dead, Anna is desperate to right her wrongs. Dying For Fame airs Jan. 4 at 8pm ET/PT.

Below are details and air dates from LMN on the other titles. Three additional movies will soon be announced for March.

The Wrong Life Coach
When Jordan (Morgan Bradley) gets a new boss, Tara (Vivica A. Fox), the job becomes more than she bargained for. Jordan enlists the help of a life coach named Liz (Alison McAtee), but unfortunately, Liz has some sinister plans of her own including sabotaging Jordan’s new job with Mr. Gordon (Eric Roberts). It’s up to Detectives Clover (Michael Paré) and Graham (Jackée Harry) to uncover Liz’s plot and try to put a stop to her. The Wrong Life Coach airs January 11 at 8pm ET/PT.

A Party to Die For
Sadie (Jonetta Kaiser) works in a luxury boutique store but is ready for a change in her life when she meets socialite Jessica (Kara Royster). They become fast friends but when they attend an after party at a new friend’s house, the night goes terribly wrong, and someone ends up dead. As the police zero in on Sadie, she must figure out who the real killer is before she and the people in her life find themselves in even more danger. Co-production with Tubi. A Party to Die For airs January 18 at 8pm ET/PT.

Crowdsource Murder
After her daughter Shannon (Lexi Minetree) is injured in an accident, her mother Monica (Nicole Weber) is encouraged by her friend Rebecca (Frances Barker McCormick) to start a crowdsource fund to pay for the hospital bills. But when a handsome stranger, Noah (James Hyde), donates more and more money to the fund, she begins to question his motives. Crowdsource Murder airs January 25 at 8pm ET/PT.


Sabotaging the Squad (Credit: Lifetime Movie Network)
Sabotaging the Squad (Credit: LMN)

Sabotaging the Squad
Missy (Meyon Jacobs) is ready to take over as head coach of daughter Arielle’s (Lauren Mayo) cheer squad but unfortunately, the other cheer moms are resistant to a change in regime, especially Darlene (Olivia Buckle), who has been vying for the top job ever since becoming interim coach. With the help of her friend and assistant coach, Gemma (Brittany Goodwin), Missy focuses on getting her cheerleaders ready for competition. But as strange things begin to happen that sabotage all her efforts and one mom ends up dead, Missy fights to clear her name while keeping her squad competition ready before anyone else dies. Sabotaging the Squad airs February 1 at 8pm ET/PT.

Tall, Dark and Dangerous
As Valentine’s Day approaches, Alice (Jamie Bernadette), a successful real estate attorney, decides to try out the dating app Be My Valentine where she finds her seemingly perfect match, Chris (Matthew Pohlkamp). But Alice soon realizes that her “Valentine” is an imposter who stole the identity of his former roommate Jason (Tom Sandoval) in order to insert himself into her life, fooling her boss Ed (Eric Roberts) and even her parents Susan (Tracy Nelson) and Bill (Michael Paré). He will stop at nothing to put everything she has worked so hard for in jeopardy. Tall, Dark and Dangerous airs February 8 at 8pm ET/PT.

She’s Obsessed with My Husband
Violet (Alissa Filoramo) has carried a torch for Garrett (Matthew Pohlkamp), the love of her life, ever since they dated in high school. Now twenty years later, Violet has moved in next door to Garrett and is determined to destroy his marriage and take her “rightful” place as his wife. She’s Obsessed with My Husband airs February 15 at 8pm ET/PT.

The Ex Obsession
Happily married to her husband, John (B.J. Britt), Kim (Chaley Rose) is shocked to learn John’s new co-worker is her ex-boyfriend Grant (Anthony Dalton II). Unwilling to spoil John’s excitement, Kim and Grant decide to keep their history a secret. But when John sees Kim and Grant out together one day, he becomes consumed by jealousy and confronts Kim. The situation escalates after John arrives home to find them together again, leading to a desperate coverup that spirals into obsession. Co-production with Tubi. The Ex Obsession airs February 22 at 8pm ET/PT.

Lonely Crime Fanatic
Romance sparks when a true crime fan meets her favorite podcast host, but things soon turn strange as his fascination with her turns into obsession. The film stars Brenna Skalski, Ian Reier Michaels, Alexandra Ponce, and David Alan Hurt. Lonely Crime Fanatic airs February 29 at 8pm ET/PT.


Danger on Party Island
After the death of her sister, Mel (Lindsey Dresbach) travels to an infamous party island to collect her estranged sister’s body. With the reluctant help from local bar owner Jever (James Bobo), Mel begins to unravel the circumstances of her sister’s accident and starts to believe she could be next. Danger on Party Island airs March 20 at 8pm ET/PT.

My Father’s Murder in Greece
When Allie’s (Cass Huckabay) father George takes her on a celebratory trip to Greece to uncover her family’s roots, she never expected her father would be murdered. Allie must uncover long-kept family secrets if she’s going to bring the killer to justice. The film also stars Maeve Quinlan. My Father’s Murder in Greece airs March 21 at 8pm ET/PT