‘Late Show’ Turns Obama White House Visit Into Movie Trailer (Video)

Former President Barack Obama returned to the White House Tuesday for the first time since he left office in 2017, and his visit generated enough buzz for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to turn it into a slick movie trailer.

In real life, Obama appeared alongside President Joe Biden to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the 2010 Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare.”

The Late Show noted the world still has a lot of problems, and called on Biden and his former boss to team up again — like Batman and Robin — to save the day.

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“In 2014, two men took on a viral outbreak (Ebola), Russian aggression and an increasingly fringe right wing opposition party. And now… they’re going to have to do it all over again,” a narrator says in the Late Show trailer.

“This spring, the boys are back in town and they’re about to find out nothing has changed,” the voiceover continues. “Sarah Palin is still a thing. Tom Brady is still a thing, and the Queen is still alive as of the time of this reporting.”

Then came the title of the movie: “2014:2 starring Joe Biden as president, Barack Obama as former president, and this guy (Donald Trump) returning to his iconic role… Terrible Businessman.”

Watch the Late Show movie trailer below.

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