Pastor Keion Henderson Responds to Backlash for Telling Churchgoer ‘Hush’ in Viral Video

Pastor Keion Henderson and Shaunie Henderson on Tamron Hall, Tuesday, May 7, 2024. (Credit: The Tamron Hall Show.)

Texas pastor Keion Henderson has responded to criticism after a viral video showed him telling a woman to “hush” during the Sunday, May 5 service at his Lighthouse Church.

Henderson, who is the husband of Basketball Wives star and executive producer Shaunie Henderson, sat down on the May 7 episode of Tamron Hall. With his wife by his side, he said it wasn’t the first time he’s asked the church member to be quiet.

“Social media is into cuts not context,” Henderson began. “Every suggestion that I’ve gotten from every naysayer, I’ve already done. This is a four-year battle.”

He continued: “I’ve already talked to her personally. I’d already had ushers go up to her. I’ve already had prayer warriors [approach her]. I’ve had everything. So she did it publicly after being asked not to.”

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In a video shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, Henderson was shown with his hands raised, singing, and speaking in tongues.

As the congregation listened and worshiped, a female member of the choir could be heard repeatedly crying out. Henderson responded by snapping his fingers and saying: “Shh. Hey, stop her! Hush, hush. Silence in the name of Jesus.”

Some critics on social media called the pastor’s reaction “offensive.” Henderson countered by telling Tamron Hall there’s a difference between “disturbance and worship.”

“What people have to understand is that every time you hear a noise in church, it isn’t worship. There has to be order,” he said. “For instance, it’s okay to applaud in this room right now, but if somebody just got up and started clapping right now, I’m sure somebody would bring order to the room. And so what I did is, I brought order to the room so people could hear God and not her, and I’d do it again if I needed to.”

Hundreds of people reacted to Henderson’s interview by commenting on the Tamron Hall show’s YouTube channel and the reaction was split.

“Absolutely!! Know the difference between disturbance and worship!! Yesss,” one person wrote.

But another said Henderson went too far.

“There is NOTHING this pastor can say to JUSTIFY his behavior as a man of God and leader of the church!!!” the person wrote.

The Hendersons sat down with Tamron Hall to discuss Shaunie’s new book, Undefeated: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms.

Shaunie, who is the ex-wife of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, discussed how her life has changed since marrying a pastor.

Watch the interview with Shaunie and Keion Henderson below:

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