Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Snatches Wig Off Mid-Sermon

Sarah Jakes Roberts removed her wig during sermon on May 28, 2023. (Credit: YouTube/The Potter's House)

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts removed her wig while preaching on Sunday morning about being “locked in” with God.

Jakes Roberts delivered the lively sermon at her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes’ megachurch, The Potter’s House in Dallas.

Her wig began to slip out of place as she walked across the stage. Jakes Roberts pulled the wig back down and continued preaching.

“I really don’t care, because none of this is really necessary,” she said to applause. “If the wig stays on or not, if the shoes stay on or not, I know what I’m really here for. I understand that I came here to be locked in on something, so you can make the memes and make the videos. One thing I know for sure is that me and God are locked in on the word, and if this is a distraction then let if fall off.”

She then snatched the wig off and handed it to a woman standing on stage.

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Churchgoers rose to their feet and applauded. Some women raised their hands in approval, others took off their own wigs.

Jakes Roberts was steadfast with her message and continued.

“God says sometimes you need to see it from the platform so you can do it from your platform. It ain’t always gone be cute. It ain’t always gone be pretty, but one thing for sure, it’s gone always be God and I don’t care what they say about me!” she said.

After the sermon, she posted video of the viral moment on Instagram and explained what happened.

“Today I was preaching and I could feel my wig slipping. My message was more important to me than maintaining my appearance so I took it off, locked in, and kept preaching,” she wrote in part. “What moved me the most was seeing how many women joined me in getting courageously vulnerable, real, and free. Literally, wigs coming off everywhere. I can’t even imagine what God is going to do in September when we gather for Woman Evolve.”

Sarah Jakes Roberts co-pastors The Potter’s House at One LA and The Potter’s House Denver, alongside her husband, Touré Roberts. The two have six children and split their time between Los Angeles and Denver, according to their website.

Watch the full sermon below: