Joe Responds to Fan Anger Over Revamped ‘Power’ Theme Song

Joe Thomas (Handout Photo)

Joe has responded to fans who expressed disappointment that he was replaced on “Big Rich Town,” the theme song for Power.

In an August 28 post on Twitter and Instagram, the R&B singer thanked fans for their support and said the original version of the track — that features his vocals — is a “classic.”

“FANS HAVE A LOT OF #power! Ya’ll are amazing! Will hit y’all once I’m settled in AFRICA @50cent – ALL LOVE – (we made a classic!),” the singer wrote.

When the sixth and final season of Power premiered on August 25, fans were disappointed that “Big Rich Town” had been changed.

The original track was written and performed by 50 Cent and Joe, and played over the opening credits for the Starz drama’s first five seasons.

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But when the new season debuted Sunday, Joe was out and Trey Songz was in.

Fans flooded Twitter to voice their opinions about the change, and the response was overwhelmingly negative.

50 Cent has since chimed in on social media with a series of videos and memes.

“These motherfu–ers talking ’bout Trey Songz,” the hip-hop mogul said in a video posted on Instagram August 26.

“Man, you ain’t bought a mothfu–ing Joe CD in years now you talking ’bout Trey Songz,” he continued. “Trey did that shit as a favor to me, man. Shit, y’all keep this shit up, Imma have to put that motherfu–er back
the way it was.”

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