Gospel Legend Fred Hammond Tests Positive for COVID-19

Fred Hammond attends 32nd Annual STELLAR GOSPEL MUSIC AWARDS on March 25, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the New Orleans Arena - USA. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Gospel star Fred Hammond is recovering from COVID-19.

In a video uploaded to Instagram on Saturday, Hammond said he was on day five of his quarantine after getting a positive test result back on Monday, Nov. 9.

“My doctor, she doesn’t know what side of it I’m on, so she’s keeping me very monitored,” he said. “And I have a doctor that’s with me pretty much, cares for me throughout the day, and I have three doctors on speed dial.”

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Hammond, 59, captioned the four-minute video “A Mask is not a political statement.” The Grammy-winning artist said he had been following COVID safety protocols, but let his guard down.

“I’m a mask wearer, but I let it down, I let my guard down in one place,” Hammond explained.

He noted that he’s lost several friends to the virus, and a couple of his family members have contracted it.  One had to be rushed to the hospital, but both are now recuperating.

Hammond added that he expects to pull through from the illness.

“I still have good hope,” he continued. “I’m feeling pretty good every day, and I’m on my regimen of vitamins.”

He said the fight is in God’s hands and ended the video by urging his followers to wear masks.

“Be diligent and vigilant because it’s out here,” Hammond said.