Ice Cube to Speak at Right-Wing Jewish Organization Event

Ice Cube Performing (Credit: Shutterstock)

Ice Cube will be one of the headliners next month at a virtual gala hosted by the Zionist Organization of America, a conservative Jewish group which sided with President Trump on some of his most controversial policies.

The organization advocated for Trump’s immigration order banning refugees and new visas for citizens from six Muslim-countries back in 2017.

Although Ice Cube never publicly endorsed Trump, he worked with the administration on its Platinum Plan for Black America, to support Black-owned businesses, cut taxes, and further criminal justice reform.

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In July, Ice Cube unveiled what he called the “Contract for Black America.” In a string of tweets after it was revealed that he had held talks with the Trump administration, Ice Cube clarified that he worked with the administration because the White House approached him before Democratic leaders.

In terms of ZOA, some are questioning why the group would invite Ice Cube to speak. Back in June, the “Check Yo Self” rapper was criticized for what some considered anti-Semitic tweets, including using artwork of anti-Semitic tropes tying Jews to the oppression of Black people.

When BET news host Marc Lamont Hill called the rapper out for the tweets, Ice Cube fired back writing: “What if I was just pro-Black? This is the truth brother. I didn’t lie on anyone. I didn’t say I was anti-anybody. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. I’ve been telling my truth.”

Another celebrity who will be speaking at the Zionist Organization of America Virtual Gala is Academy Award winner actor Jon Voight.

The 81-year-old Trump backer posted a Twitter video last week urging his followers to dispute the election results in what he called “our greatest fight since the Civil War.”

ZOA is a non-profit, pro-Israel organization and is said to be the first official Zionist group in the U.S., founded in 1897. The organization’s virtual gala will be held on December 27.