Don Lemon Offers to Play Peacemaker to Mo’Nique and Oprah: ‘Never Say Never’

Don Lemon, Mo'Nique and Oprah Winfrey (Credit: Shutterstock)

It’s unlikely Oprah Winfrey would ever agree to it, but Don Lemon says he’s willing to play mediator to Oprah and Mo’Nique.

The former CNN anchor made the offer on his new podcast, “The Don Lemon Show.”

Mo’Nique and her husband-manager Sidney Hicks were guests on the March 25 episode, and the Oscar-winning actress discussed her long-running disputes with Oprah, Tyler Perry, D.L. Hughley, Kevin Hart, Charlamagne tha God, and Sherri Shepherd.

Lemon described the situations as “beefs,” but Mo’Nique countered, “I’m too old to have beefs.”

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Lemon also asked The Parkers star about her feuds with Netflix and Lee Daniels, but she said that’s all old news — and her issues with the streaming giant and the Precious director have both been resolved. [There was no mention of her feud with her son or her lawsuit against CBS].

Back to Oprah, Mo’Nique disparaged the media mogul multiple times — just like she did during her viral interview with Shannon Sharpe on “Club Shay Shay.”

“When people ask me, ‘Mo’Nique do you hate Oprah?’ No! I love Oprah Winfrey,” she told Lemon. “I just want her ass to come back Black.”

Lemon appeared perplexed and asked Mo’Nique to clarify.

“There was a time when Oprah Winfrey did an interview, not my words, hers, and she said, ‘I wanted to be white.’ Those were her words… ‘as a little girl I wanted to be white.’ Well, when did you decide to be Black? When did that change?” Mo’Nique said.

The comedian then told Lemon to do his research on the matter.

“As a journalist, look it up. Let your babies [viewers] in the Gen-Z look it up, those are Oprah Winfrey’s words,” Mo’Nique said.

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Sidney then claimed Oprah doesn’t do enough to support the African American community and he brought up the root of Mo’Nique’s issues with Oprah — the 2009 film Precious, produced by Tyler Perry and Oprah. The problems started when Mo’Nique refused to participate in some awards season events promoting the film — unless she received additional compensation, which apparently didn’t happen.

Mo’Nique has said she was blackballed in Hollywood for not going along.

Lemon told Mo’Nique and Sydney he admires Oprah and doesn’t want any problems with the former talk show host.

“Oprah has done a lot for the Black community,” he said, adding that she’s produced several films and created jobs for Black artists.

Mo’Nique wasn’t impressed.

“I’ve never heard Oprah Winfrey talk about the inequality of Black women in Hollywood. I’m not saying she hasn’t, but I’ve never heard it,” Mo’Nique responded. “So, when you get to running down these movies, that’s a payday [for Winfrey].”

Earlier in the interview, Lemon said he’d like to see everyone settle their differences.

“I love Oprah, I love Tyler, I love Lee, on and on and on,” Lemon said. “I wish you guys could get together because I do think that you’re brilliant and I think that they’re brilliant as well… all of you guys coming together would make a huge change and a huge difference.”

Mo’Nique said she’d be willing to sit down with Oprah, Tyler and even her arch nemesis, D.L. Hughley.

“If I am wrong, let’s sit down publicly… but no one seems to want to sit down,” she said.

“I hope you guys do, because it keeps coming up and that would be one way to squash it,” Lemon responded.

“Well, set it up Don! We’ll come on your show,” Mo’Nique said.

“I will try. I don’t have that much access to Oprah, but D.L. is coming on the show. I’d love to have Lee on the show too, I’d love to have Tyler,” Lemon said.

Sydney then chimed in and said about Oprah, “I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t want to put that burden on you.”

“Never say never,” Lemon said while laughing.

Watch the episode of The Don Lemon Show below.

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