D.L. Hughley Fires Back at Mo’Nique for ‘Club Shay Shay’ Comments: ‘Everywhere She Goes, S–t Starts’

D.L. Hughley and Mo'Nique (Credit: Shutterstock)

D.L. Hughley has fired another salvo in his long-running feud with Mo’Nique, after she called him out during her viral interview on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast.

The Precious star sat down with Sharpe for a conversation posted on YouTube Wednesday, Feb. 7. The actress and comedian took aim at several industry insiders, including Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and Hughley.

The Hughleys star responded immediately with a nearly four-minute video posted on Instagram. He called the Oscar-winning actress a “liar,” mocked her weight, and said Sharpe’s podcast is descending into chaos.

“Welp, ‘Club Shay Shay’ is getting messier and messier,” Hughley said. “It’s almost like Wendy Williams didn’t go nowhere, she just got a weight set.”

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According to Mo’Nique, the tension with Hughley started when she appeared on his radio show.

Hughley wasn’t there at the time. But she said his staff asked her to play a game of “Would You Rather.” Mo’Nique agreed, but said she was horrified when someone asked if her husband, Sidney Hicks, would rather have protected sex with Precious director Lee Daniels or unprotected sex with self-proclaimed video vixen Karrine Steffans.

Mo’Nique told Sharpe she was offended by the question and called Hughley to let him know. She claimed Hughley was dismissive and responded, “Well, that’s how we do it.”

The Parkers actress said from that point on, Hughley bad-mouthed her around Hollywood.

“[He said] I was bitter. I was dangerous with what I was doing,” Mo’Nique claimed. “This went on through the years.”

The two came face-to-face on Memorial Day weekend in 2022, when they were both booked to perform at Detroit’s Fox Theatre.

During her performance, Mo’Nique told fans in a profanity-filled monologue that she was supposed to headline the show, until Hughley joined the lineup and allegedly had her name removed as headliner of the bill.

“Y’all don’t understand I was getting ready to walk the f–k up out of here, but I said, ‘I can’t let the people down,’” she said, as previously reported. She then called Hughley a “b–-h,” the N-word and other insults in front of the crowd.

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Fast forward to Wednesday. Hughley ripped Mo’Nique on Instagram, saying she lied about his reaction to her concerns over the “Would You Rather” radio segment.

“Mo’Nique’s a liar,” Hughley said. “When Mo’Nique did call me, I heard her complaints, I listened to her, and I pulled the segment. So if I had been as dismissive as she alleges I was, that segment would’ve aired. It didn’t, because I respected her wishes.”

“It also befuddles the s–t out of me how somebody who’s a comedian talks as much s–t about everybody else as she does and she has the temerity to be offended about anything. As much s–t as you say about people?” he continued.

Hughley said Mo’Nique has problems with everyone and complains nonstop. He added that she was never booked to headline the Detroit show.

“Look at the ticket, it says D.L. Hughley, then Mo’Nique. She knows the story,” he stated. “But what she did in response to that, she talked about my dog, my wife, this broad even brought up my daughter’s personal trauma. My daughter was molested and Mo’Nique brought that s–t up and told the world that I allowed my daughter to be molested in front of me. That lying motherf–r.”

Hughley claimed Mo’Nique is estranged from everyone — her extended family and her children because “nobody f–ks” with her except her husband/business manager, who she “apparently has to pay.”

Then he brought up Mo’Nique’s 2019 discrimination lawsuit against Netflix, which was settled in June 2022. A few months later, Mo’Nique taped a Netflix special, which Hughley said was a joke.

“Mo’Nique, if she’d spend as much time actually writing jokes and writing her Netflix special as she did complaining about not having one, it wouldn’t have been trash. It got the worst reviews of any Netflix special in history because that’s what Mo’Nique does — she complains and she has grievances. You never see her being a human being,” Hughley said. “There’s a reason why everywhere she goes, s–t starts.”

Watch Hughley’s comments below. We grabbed a copy off YouTube, in case he removes the Instagram video.

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