Diddy Allegedly ‘Broke a Chair’ Over Music Exec’s Head for Dating Kim Porter

Diddy and Kim Porter (Credit: Shutterstock)

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been accused of violently attacking a music executive for dating the mogul’s ex-girlfriend Kim Porter.

A bombshell report published by Rolling Stone on May 28, alleged Combs physically assaulted Def Jam executive Shakir Stewart in the summer of 2000, when music industry insiders gathered in Italy for L.A. Reid’s wedding.

The report said Combs went to Stewart’s room after the ceremony and allegedly “broke a chair” over his head, Stewart’s mother and two of his close friends said.

“He left him bleeding on a hotel floor in Italy,” the alleged victim’s mother Portia Stewart was quoted as saying. “He had to have stitches.”

She said the Bad Boy Records founder then told her son, “I’m going to kill you.”

“That’s when I said you need to get out of this business. This man is crazy,” Portia Stewart recalled.

The report included allegations that Combs physically abused Porter throughout their relationship.

“I remember Kim used to go through a lot of stuff,” former Bad Boy rapper Mark Curry said in the article. “If you live around them, you get to see the toxic relationship… I think every relationship he had that I experienced around him was like that.”

Porter died from complications of pneumonia in 2018. Stewart died from an apparent suicide in 2008, according to The Guardian.

Rolling Stone said its reporters interviewed more than 50 music insiders and former associates of Combs for the article.

The music mogul has been named in eight civil lawsuits since November, with seven of them accusing him of sexual assault.

The other suit accused him of aiding and abetting his son Christian Combs, who is alleged to have sexually assaulted a yacht stewardess on a boat his father chartered for a New Year’s Eve celebration in December 2022.

Combs has maintained his innocence and denied the allegations made by his accusers.

Meanwhile, a CNN report on May 29 said a federal sex trafficking investigation into Combs “stems from” some of the allegations in the lawsuits.

The outlet said investigators have interviewed “the majority of the plaintiffs.”

The network added that the probe is widening to include “money laundering and illegal drugs,” and the mogul’s accusers have been told they could be asked to testify in front of a federal grand jury.

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