‘Unseen Photo’ Shows Diddy After He Allegedly Abused Kim Porter, Ex-Bodyguard Says

Diddy and Gene Deal on "The Art of Dialogue" YouTube channel. (Credit: Shutterstock/YouTube)

Former associates of Sean “Diddy” Combs continue to share shocking allegations (almost daily) about the embattled music mogul.

In a new interview with “The Art of Dialogue” YouTube channel, posted Friday, May 24, Diddy’s former bodyguard Gene Deal was asked about a previously “unseen photo” of the mogul from 1996.

The image shows the Bad Boy Records founder sitting in a chair, with medical bandages wrapped around the lower half of his right arm. It was taken on the set of a music video shoot for R&B group 112, according to “The Art of Dialogue.”

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Sean "Diddy" Combs is shown with bandages on his arm. (Credit: YouTube/The Art of Dialogue)
Diddy is shown with bandages on his arm. (Credit: YouTube/The Art of Dialogue)

Deal was asked to confirm if the bandages were the result of an alleged domestic violence incident involving Combs and his then-girlfriend Kim Porter (who died in 2018).

“Yeah, that’s the same time, same hand, right hand. It’s on his right wrist,” Deal stated.

He said Combs sustained the injury while allegedly attacking Porter. According to Deal, the model and mother to three of Combs’ biological children, grabbed a corkscrew to defend herself.

The ex-bodyguard wrote the book Gene Deal My World of Bodyguarding a Hip-Hop Star: The Last Big Night.

As Combs’ legal battles mount amid a string of sexual abuse lawsuits, Deal frequently does interviews detailing what he saw while working for the “Come to Me” rapper.

In this latest interview, Deal said he was off the clock when the incident happened, but was summoned to a hospital by Combs’ associates.

“I get a call, it’s on a Saturday… they were like Gene, Puff is by himself over at St. Luke’s Hospital,” Deal recalled.

“I rush over to St. Luke’s hospital. I see Kim, they’re in the emergency room,” he added. “She was in distress, herself. She could have been in pain, she could have been hurting because I did see a bruise on her face. I saw bruises on her arm and all of that. Then Puff was sitting in the chair with a [bandage] wrapped around his arm, telling Kim, ‘This is how I make my living! You could mess up my whole living!'”

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Deal said he was stunned by what he heard.

“He was trying to make her feel bad… he’s sitting up there blaming her,” Deal said.

He recalled asking Porter to explain what happened.

“Kim said, ‘He wouldn’t stop hitting me and I grabbed a corkscrew and made a mistake and caught him on the wrist,'” Deal said he was told.

A rep for Combs did not immediately respond to our request for comment on the photo.

This isn’t the first time Deal has discussed the incident. In a November 2023 interview, as reported by Hip Hop DX, he told “The Art of Dialogue” Porter “ripped” the mogul’s wrist to protect herself from alleged abuse.

“One night, when they were at home, at Kim’s house… he wanted to, you know, put his hands on her in the wrong way. And Kim took one of those corkscrews and ripped his wrists up. And she hit an artery,” Deal said.

Deal makes additional claims about Diddy in the new interview.

The video is below:

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