Dave Chappelle Helps Kill Affordable Housing Plan in His Ohio Hometown

Still from Dave Chappelle's Netflix special 'The Closer.' Credit: Netflix

Dave Chappelle was one of numerous residents who rallied against an affordable housing project in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The comedian opposed the plan and threatened to pull out his businesses in the village and made comments during a town council meeting on Monday night, the Dayton Daily News reported.

“I am not bluffing,” Chappelle said at the meeting. “I will take it all off the table.”

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The comedian currently is planning two establishments in Yellow Springs under his company Iron Table Holdings LLC, including a restaurant called “Firehouse Eatery” and comedy club named “Live from YS.”

During the public hearing, residents said they were concerned about the traffic flow, wastewater management and problems with a proposed homeowner’s association that the development called Oberer Homes would create.

The plan would have included 64 single-family homes, 52 duplexes and 24 townhomes with an additional 1.75 acres donated to the community to build affordable housing.

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Following complaints from residents, the village council approved the plan but said the affordable housing portion had to go. Instead the scaled-down project will include 143 single-family homes on the lot, with the homes starting at about $300,000.

After facing criticism, Chappelle’s spokeswoman sent a statement to Fox News saying the plan needed improvements.

“Dave Chappelle didn’t kill affordable housing,” Carla Sims said in a story published Thursday. “Concerned residents and a responding Village Council ‘killed’ a half-baked plan which never actually offered affordable housing.”

“Neither Dave nor his neighbors are against affordable housing, however, they are against the poorly vetted, cookie-cutter, sprawl-style development deal which has little regard for the community, culture and infrastructure of the Village,” Sims added.

Chappelle lives in Yellow Springs and has a farm in the village. He previously held comedy nights in Yellow Springs on his neighbor’s farm during the pandemic as shown in the documentary Dave Chappelle: Live in Real Life

Watch Chappelle’s comments below: