Bobby Brown Reveals Who He Believes Killed Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown on set on 'Red Table Talk' on the April 14 episode. Credit: Facebook Watch/ Red Table Talk

Bobby Brown has revealed who he believes is responsible for the deaths of his ex-wife Whitney Houston and their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The Grammy-winning singer sat down for an interview on Wednesday’s episode of Red Table Talk, where he discussed the recent loss of his son Bobby Brown Jr., the multiple traumatic incidents in his family and why  therapy is important in the healing process.

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Co-host Jada Pinkett Smith warned audiences at the top of the episode that the content might not be for everyone.

“I want to approach his journey with compassion and with love. This table’s about healing, so anyone who feels like you’re in a position that you can judge, this might not be the conversation for you today,” Pinkett Smith said.

Brown then took a seat at the red table alongside Smith, her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and her daughter Willow Smith.

He first addressed the death of his 28-year-old son, Bobby Brown Jr, from a drug overdose in November 2020.

“He wasn’t a user. He would experiment with different things. It wasn’t like he was dependent on drugs like when I was in my situation. I depended. I needed it. He was a young man that tried the wrong stuff, and it took him out of here,” Brown said.

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The “My Prerogative” singer then discussed why he blames Bobbi Kristina’s ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon for his daughter’s death and Houston’s.

“She [Bobbi Kristina] unfortunately was stuck in an abusive relationship with a man that -– with a boy I should say, that basically controlled her to the point where her life was taken,” the former New Edition member said.

Jada then asked him, “So you believe that there was foul play in Bobbi Kristina’s death?” He responded, “Definitely.”

Willow also chimed in, “Like, that maybe he drugged her?”

“Definitely. He was the only one there with both situations, with my ex-wife and with my daughter, and they both died the same way,” Brown said.

Willow clarified, “So you think that he killed Whitney as well?” Brown replied, “I believe so.”

Gordon was taken in by Houston when he was a child and eventually started dating Bobbi Kristina when they got older. There were allegations that the two were involved in an abusive relationship, before Bobbi Kristina passed away in July 2015.

Gordon died last year in February from a heroin overdose. Brown said he never got the chance to confront Gordon about his suspicions about foul play.

“I was in rehab at the time when he passed. I had planned on, once I left rehab, to approach the young man just to find out how my daughter was in her last days. But no, I never got a chance to find out from him or talk to him,” he said.

Later in the episode, Brown was joined by his wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown, whom he credits with helping him get through the recent tragedies in his life.

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