Whoopi Goldberg Tells Media Don’t Let Brittney Griner’s Name ‘Disappear’

The View Hosts Discuss Brittney Griner (Credit: ABC)

Whoopi Goldberg called on the media to keep reporting on Brittney Griner and not forget the WNBA star while she remains incarcerated in Russia.

During Friday’s episode of The View, guest host Ana Navarro commented on the timing of Griner’s arrest.

“What a coincidence that she’s been going there but it’s just now that during this war that they are detaining her and finding something,” Navarro said. “It’s obvious that she is being used as a pawn by Putin because there is no end to Putin’s evil. Russia is a place where there is no rule of law. And so now the court there has extended her detention. She’s been detained for two more months.”

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Goldberg added that because of this, it’s important for the media to continue reporting on Griner.

“Well, I know they keep saying we don’t want to antagonize. I don’t want to antagonize anyone but I do know we do tend to disappear sometimes. We get dropped. They don’t always come looking for us, so I just want to make sure,” Goldberg said, after earlier telling the panelists “we can’t let her name disappear.”

Fill-in host Eboni K. Williams said, “I have to agree that we have to keep saying her name and as journalists, do the necessary reporting to make sure that Brittney’s back at home with her family soon.”

Griner, a 31-year-old All-Star, is now being held in Russia until May 19 after airport officials allegedly found vape cartridges containing oil derived from cannabis in her possession. The sports star had been traveling to places like Russia in her off-season to make additional money. U.S. State Department officials are working on getting access Griner amid her extended detention in Russia.

The WNBA confirmed in a statement that Griner is OK but that the situation remains “difficult.”

“This continues to be a complex situation that is extremely difficult for Brittney, her family, and all who are hoping for a swift resolution,” the statement said, via Reuters. “Our number one priority remains her safe return.”

Watch the video from The View below.