Whoopi Goldberg Suspended From ‘The View’ After Controversial Holocaust Comments

Whoopi Goldberg discusses the Holocaust on on The View (Credit: ABC)

ABC has suspended Whoopi Goldberg from The View following her comments on Monday’s episode about the Holocaust.

“Effective immediately, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments,” ABC News President Kim Godwin said in a statement Tuesday evening. “While Whoopi has apologized, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. The entire ABC News organization stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends and communities”

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The announcement came after Goldberg went viral when she argued that the Holocaust “isn’t about race.”

“But it’s about a white supremacist,” Ana Navarro countered. “It’s about Jews and Gypsies.”

“But these are two White groups of people,” Goldberg stated, prompting anger on social media and calls for ABC to reprimand her.

As public anger grew, The View moderator issued an apology on social media Monday night.

“The Jewish people around the world have always had my support and that will never waiver,” she tweeted. “I’m sorry for the hurt that I have caused.”

Goldberg offered a second apology on Tuesday’s episode of the daytime talk show.

“Yesterday on our show, I misspoke. I tweeted about it last night but I want you to hear it from me directly,” she told viewers. “I said something that I feel a responsibility for not leaving unexamined, because my words upset so many people, which was never my intention. I understand why now, and for that I am deeply, deeply grateful because the information I got was really helpful, and it helped me understand some different things.”