Whoopi Goldberg Pitches Herself as Oscars Host After Kevin Hart Exits

Whoopi Goldberg and Kevin Hart (Credit: ABC)

Now that the Oscars are looking for a new host, Whoopi Goldberg knows the perfect candidate — herself!

The actress and comedian, who’s previously hosted the Academy Awards four times, says she’d be willing to step in after Kevin Hart stepped down amid a controversy over his past homophobic tweets that resurfaced online last week.

While some media reports have suggested the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is considering going host-less in February, Goldberg thinks that would be a “dumb idea.”

“If you want to go host-less, that’s your prerogative,” she said on Tuesday’s episode of The View. “I think it’s a dumb idea. People need someone to take them through things, and to take care of things when they happen.”

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The Oscar winner then pitched herself for the gig.

“Now, I realize I may not be anybody’s first choice, but…” she said before cutting herself off. Although she admitted not everyone likes her brand of humor, especially those on the right.

“I’m also problematic,” Goldberg stated. “Half of the country is sometimes really mad at me, the other half is OK until tomorrow, and then they’re pissed at me!”

Meghan McCain then threw her support behind her View co-host, and urged other conservatives to do the same.

“You all think I’m a hardcore conservative, right?” McCain asked. “I endorse Whoopi as the host. So people on my side, please, do not come for her!”

Joy Behar wasn’t convinced and said she liked the idea of a host-less Oscars because it would “cut five hours off” the broadcast. Goldberg disagreed.

“I don’t ever think there’s anything you can do, really, to not make the show long,” Goldberg explained. “The show is what it is. People come up and they make their speeches. This is the one shot that they get to do this… It’s a huge deal to win an Oscar.”

As for who will host the show, looks like we’ll have to tune in on Feb. 24 to find out.