Vivica A. Fox to Star in and Produce Lifetime Thriller ‘The Wrong Cheer Captain’

Vivica A Fox at the Lifetime TV Summer Luau at the W Hotel on May 20, 2019 in Westwood, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson/Deposit Photos

Lifetime is taking on the chilling side of cheerleading with its annual “Fear the Cheer” movie slate. This year’s films feature Vivica A. Fox, Jackée Harry, Denise Richards and Thomas Calabro.

Vivica A. Fox stars in and executive produces The Wrong Cheer Captain. In the film, cheering turns deadly with the mysterious death of Emma (Claire Tablizo), leading others to suspect Anna (Sofia Masson) — the newly appointed captain of her cheer squad — is responsible.

Lifetime’s third annual cheerleader slate includes six new movies, which begin airing on Aug. 28. Other films in the lineup are Killer Cheer Mom starring Richards and Calabro; as well as Pom Poms and Payback; Deadly Cheers; Cheer for Your Life; and Webcam Cheerleaders.

Full descriptions and premiere dates for each film are below.

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Denise Richards at the

Denise Richards (Credit: Jean Nelson/Deposit Photos)

Aug. 28 at 8pm ET/PT
Moving to a new town with her dad (Thomas Calabro) and stepmom Amanda (Denise Richards), high school junior Riley (Courtney Fulk) decides to try out for the cheer squad despite the stiff competition. With Amanda supporting her, Riley is hopeful she will make it on. But when some cheerleaders are expelled or injured under suspicious circumstances and Riley’s chances get better and better, she can’t help but wonder if Amanda is doing whatever it takes to get Riley on the squad. Killer Cheer Mom also stars Tia Texada, Holly J. Barrett and Jay Jay Warren and is produced by Hybrid LLC.

Aug. 28 at 10pm ET/PT
When a tight knit group of high school cheerleaders are all betrayed by their boyfriends on Prom Night, they band together to seek revenge, but in a twist of events they discover that the mysterious Coach Evergreen (Emily Killian) might actually be the one behind all of their misfortune. Pom Poms and Payback also stars Carrie Schroeder, Shaylaren Hilton, Le’Priesh Roman and Jazlyn Nicolette Sward and is produced by Johnson Production Group.

Aug. 29 at 8pm ET/PT
Cheering turns deadly with the mysterious death of Emma (Claire Tablizo) and Kate (Alexis Samone) begins to suspect that Anna (Sofia Masson), the newly appointed captain of her cheer squad, is responsible. As Kate searches for the truth behind Emma’s death, she soon becomes a target for Anna who is out to destroy her life. The Wrong Cheer Captain also stars Vivica A. Fox and Jackée Harry. The film is produced by Hybrid, LLC.

Aug. 29 at 10pm ET/PT
Ecstatic to join the cheer squad, Cindy’s (Grace Patterson) spirits are crushed after she endures a hellish and humiliating cheerleader initiation week. Unfortunately, her dreams aren’t the only thing in danger when another girl on the squad turns up dead! When Cindy also disappears, her mother will have to beat the clock in order to save Cindy from becoming the next victim. Cheer For Your Life also stars Anna Belle Bayley, Allison McAtee and Marisa Lynae Hampton and is produced by Reel One Entertainment.

DEADLY CHEERS (working title)
Sept. 4th at 8pm ET/PT
Brianna (Camille Calvin) and her daughter, Julie (Katherine Marsh), move to a new town where Brianna is excited to be the high school’s new Assistant Principal. Julie joins the highly regarded competitive cheer team under the esteemed Coach Allison (Shannon Skiles) but when one of the cheerleaders suffers a mysterious accident, Coach Allison will stop at nothing to cover it up, even if it means sacrificing her own cheerleaders. Deadly Cheers is produced by Johnson Production Group.

Sept. 5 at 8pm ET/PT
After the death of her beloved sister, Maisy (Joelle Farrow) transfers to the college where her sister attended, to be closer to her grieving mother and father. Unconvinced her sister died by suicide, Maisy is determined to find the truth and uncovers that many of the girls on the cheerleading squad are also web cam girls, and revealing the truth may have deadly consequences. Webcam Cheerleaders is produced by Reel One Entertainment.