Tom Brady Clashes With Comedian Jeff Ross at Netflix Roast: ‘Don’t Say That S–t Again’

Tom Brady confronted Jeff Ross on stage at Netflix's Greatest Roast of All Time. (Credit: Netflix)

Tom Brady was a good sport for most of his Netflix roast, but there was one moment when he lost his cool and snapped at “Roastmaster General” Jeff Ross.

The confrontation happened during Netflix’s live-streaming “Greatest Roast of All Time” on Sunday night at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

Ross unleashed a string of raunchy jokes, including one about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s 2019 massage parlor scandal.

“Tom became a Patriot, moved up to New England, and on the first day of training camp, that scrawny rookie famously walked into the owner Robert Kraft’s office and said, ‘I’m the greatest decision your organization has ever made… Would you like a massage?'” Ross quipped.

The audience roared, but Brady went off. The retired quarterback got out of his chair, walked over to Ross and whispered, “Don’t say that s–t again.”

Brady apparently forgot his mic was hot and everyone heard what he said.

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Throughout the night, the seven-time Super Bowl champion was skewered by his former teammates, his ex-coach Bill Belichick, and comedians including host Kevin Hart.

One comic after another ribbed Brady about his divorce from fashion model Gisele Bündchen.

“Gisele is here as Antonio Brown’s plus one,” Hart said.

“How much would it suck for Tom… omg, just knowing your ex-wife’s new boyfriend could beat your a– while eating hers,” comedian Nikki Glaser joked later in the evening.

Every topic was fair game, including deceased NFL stars O.J. Simpson and Aaron Hernandez.

“I’ve just come from hell. Aaron Hernandez says hello,” Jeff Ross told Brady.

As he filled time, Hart joked that the audience was mostly white.

“Tom brought Boston with him tonight. I’ve never seen Inglewood so white. It looks like a Bruce Springsteen concert just let out. This used to be the home of the Lakers, now it’s the home of the Quakers,” he said.

At one point, Diddy even made it into the conversation.

“Belichick has secretly filmed more guys playing for the other team than Diddy,” comedian Andrew Schulz said.

Other roasters included comedians Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Sam Jay, plus NFL stars Randy Moss, Julian Edelman, Drew Bledsoe, and Rob Gronkowski, along with Kim Kardashian who was booed by the audience.

At the end of the roast, Brady got the last laugh.

“I can take all the hits,” he said. “I would have done this earlier but I’ve been too busy winning championships.”

The roast was part of the 2024 “Netflix Is a Joke Fest” in Los Angeles. Brady, Hart and Ross were all executive producers of Sunday’s event.

“The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” is now streaming on Netflix.

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