‘Boneyard’ Trailer: 50 Cent Plays Top Cop Tracking a Serial Killer

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson plays a police chief in the true crime thriller "Boneyard." (Credit: Lionsgate)

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson steps into a role as a police chief tracking a serial killer in the upcoming film Boneyard.

Lionsgate released the chilling trailer on Monday, May 6, which shows the music mogul in uniform as he tries to unearth the truth.

“Approximately six weeks ago, one of our concerned citizens came across human remains while walking her dog,” 50 Cent says in the video.

The drama also stars Brian Van Holt, Nora Zehetner, Michael Siro, and controversial actor Mel Gibson.

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The film is based on real events that unfolded in 2009, when the remains of 11 women and an unborn child were discovered in the New Mexico desert.

In real life, the search for clues turned up shallow graves and revealed the victims were killed between 2001 and 2005, local news outlet KRQE reported. The case grew cold and the suspect remained unidentified.

“We have eliminated many suspects, at this time there are a number of people being investigated as person’s of interest,” Albuquerque homicide Sergeant Liz Thompson told reporters in 2022.

The movie version is directed by Asif Akbar from a script written by Akbar, Vincent E. Mcdaniel, Hank Byrd, and Koji Steven Sakai. Colin Bates serves as producer.

According to the official description, “This chilling crime-thriller follows Police Chief Carter (Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson), Detective Ortega (Brian Van Holt), and Agent Petrovick (Mel Gibson) in a multi-agency effort to identify and apprehend the killer. As each of their agendas and methods clash, a tangled web of intrigue casts suspicion in all directions.”

Boneyard will be released on VOD in the U.S. and Canada on July 2 and in theaters on July 5.

Watch the trailer below:

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