The Clark Sisters Put Kanye West on Notice for ‘Sunday Service’

Kanye West Sunday Service (Credit: YouTube)

Kanye West made a joyful noise with his “Sunday Service” at the Coachella music festival.

But  it appears not everyone was feeling the spirit from the rapper’s Easter performance.

The legendary Clark Sisters took to Instagram Sunday to note that they own the rights to some of the songs the rapper, who also goes by “Ye,” brought to the masses possibly suggesting the music wasn’t cleared.

The gospel group reposted clips from Kanye’s set. While they thanked him for “taking the gospel to the world,” they added, “we own the rights to this music.”

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For those who didn’t make it to Coachella, or celebrated the resurrection at a real house of worship, West’s star-studded Sunday Service streamed live on YouTube from the perspective of a peephole.

According to Billboard, the rapper moved the Coachella crowd with his “hugely impressive” presentation.

The performance included a choir, dancers and appearances by Chance the Rapper, Teyana Taylor and DMX. Kanye also blessed fans with a new song called “Water.”

The hip-hop star’s Sunday Service is a weekly gathering he’s held several times for his family and friends. The Coachella version was apparently next level.

One thought on “The Clark Sisters Put Kanye West on Notice for ‘Sunday Service’

  1. Kanye seems to be grabbing straws out of a hat. No focus. I know people will swear the music is good, but he seems like he is constantly searching and wandering like a nomad. First he was a rapper, then clothes, shoes, running for president, now he’s a pastor in the desert. He’s selling socks for fifty bucks that says jesus walks. No lie, you can google it. I’m not sure what’s going on with him. Maybe his family is just letting him find himself, I don’t know, but it all seems like a scam and that there is money at the root of it all. Not all money is good money, and we all know the devil headed the music department in heaven soooo….

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