Taraji P. Henson Addresses Backlash After Comparing R. Kelly to Harvey Weinstein

Taraji P. Henson. (Credit: Deposit Photos)

Taraji P. Henson is responding to fans who accused her of defending R. Kelly.

The controversy first started when the actress took to her Instagram Stories Tuesday to share a video of herself searching for the #MuteRKelly hashtag, a viral campaign in response to the sexual abuse allegations against Kelly.

Henson then typed in “#MuteHarveyWeinstein” to seemingly prove that the hashtag isn’t as popular as #MuteRKelly.

The Empire actress posted a thinking emoji next to the caption “hmm” in response to the results, a sentiment that inspired widespread backlash.

After countless fans took her to task for the comparison, including Surviving R. Kelly producer Dream Hampton, Henson later tweeted: “LET ME BE CLEAR R. KELLY IS GUILTY AND WRONG AND SHOULD BE MUTED PERIOD!!!!!”

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It seems, however, that the 48-year-old author’s defense might have fallen on deaf ears.

Hampton, for instance, spent the afternoon poking holes in Henson’s comparison. She noted that Weinstein — who first was accused of sexually abusing dozens of women in October 2017 — will face trial for rape.

Hampton also pointed out that multiple documentaries have addressed Weinstein’s alleged crimes.

“No idea why Taraji Henson wouldn’t know that there are not one, but two projects abt Harvey Weinstein,” the producer tweeted. “But this is an oft-invoked deflection.”

She continued: “While I care abt the Hollywood stars Weinstein abused, I care more abt Asante, Kitty, Jerhona, Lisette, Azriel & Joy & others, even more.”

“Plus Weinstein is on trial. For rape,” Hampton added.

Hampton then accused Henson of faking concern about Weinstein, writing: “Plus, you don’t really care about Weinstein, you just want silence around R. Kelly. Taraji, like me, is from the generation whose job it was to deal with R. Kelly 20 years ago. We didn’t and countless girls were harmed because of our inaction. So I made #SurvivingRKelly.”

Henson hasn’t released any additional statements about the matter.