‘Tamron Hall’ Staff Forced to Evacuate Studio After Fire Breaks Out

Tamron Hall reveals there was a fire on the set of her daytime talk show on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. (Credit: YouTube/Tamron Hall)

Tamron Hall has revealed the staff of her daytime talk show was forced evacuate their New York City studio this morning after a “grease fire” erupted in the kitchen.

Hall explained what happened in a video posted on YouTube, and said everyone is safe.

“I know things look a little different here, I am in fact live in front of a black screen because we have had something that’s never happened in the five seasons of the Tamron Hall show and we are not able to air the show that was scheduled today,” she shared.

“We had a grease fire in our kitchen,” Hall continued. “The entire staff, we were in place preparing for our live show, the audience was in the holding area of the show, preparing to come out here and cheer and have a phenomenal show today.”

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Then suddenly, the fire broke out.

“Our team reacted in incredible time. While the extinguishers were going off, the team that puts together all of our shows were in the back when this incident happened, everyone is safe, we were able to evacuate out of our studio and now we’re in the clean up phase of the show,” she added.

This week, the show has been focusing a spotlight on up-and-coming stylists.

Hall said instead of taping a new episode today, the program will re-broadcast yesterday’s installment. Filming is expected to resume tomorrow.

The View, which films in the same building, was also affected by the fire.

Before taping the Wednesday, April 10 episode, the show’s staff was forced to exit the studio.

Video posted on social media showed hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Ana Navarro, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin out on the street as a fire engine responded to the scene.

Once the hosts returned to the studio, they walked on stage to a hit Billy Joel song.

“We walked out to Billy Joel’s hit ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ because it actually happened next door at Tamron Hall,” Goldberg explained. “This morning we had to evacuate the studio because there was a fire that we did not start. We do not know who started it, we do not know what started it.”