Susan Sarandon Shares Alarming Video of Homeless Encampment in Oakland

Oakland Homeless Encampment Screengrab (Credit: Twitter/@Twolfrecovery)

Susan Sarandon is drawing attention to the homelessness crisis in California.

The actress and progressive political activist shared a TikTok video of a large encampment with her 828,000 Twitter followers on Oct. 17. The footage shows a collection of tents, dilapidated wooden structures, clothes, and discarded furniture along a street in Oakland.

The Oscar-winning actress didn’t caption the video, but added a credit noting the footage came from homeless activist Thomas Wolf.

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Wolf, who describes himself as formerly homeless and a native San Franciscan, originally uploaded the video to Twitter on Oct. 13.

He captioned his post: “This isn’t a shanty town in India. This is Oakland, CA. The crisis of our generation.”

After several Twitter users asked where the footage was recorded, he replied: “12th St. in Oakland near the freeway.”

There are currently over 173,800 unhoused residents in California, according to a newly published survey by CalMatters, a nonpartisan and nonprofit news organization in the state.

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In August, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the state had cleared 1,262 encampments over the past year and removed 1,213 tons of trash –- “enough to fill 22 Olympic-size swimming pools.”

“Leaving people on the streets and our highways is dangerous and inhumane. It’s unacceptable,” Newsom said in a statement.

“California is investing billions of dollars to house thousands of people and clean up our communities and streets,” he added. “Our efforts are a model for the nation, and more importantly, we’re getting people off the streets and into the housing and services they deserve.”

Newsom’s office says the state has helped more than 67,000 people find housing or shelter since the beginning of the pandemic.

163 thoughts on “Susan Sarandon Shares Alarming Video of Homeless Encampment in Oakland

  1. We can’t afford to help our most unfortunate in our country. We have a war to fight to protect the life styles of the wealthy in America by protecting the petro-dollar.

    1. The best solution for Oaklands (and the Bay Areas) homeless is to let the As leave and then move the homeless to the Colosseum, plenty of room, restrooms, food concessions, showers,

      1. Major societal problem, hard to address as our society now works. Speak truth to power and act.

      2. Concentrating any “class” of people in any one area is a bad idea.

        Americans refuse to learn from history history. Even their own history.

        Dumbest people on Earth.

    2. Newsom said in a statement.
      “California is investing billions of dollars to house thousands of people and clean up our communities and streets,” he added.

      And just how much more do you propose to spend on the perpetuation of this lifestyle?

      1. Ca throws millions at this, but until there is accountability on the people receiving this aid there will be no change. Newsom and his ilk only publicize the states “generosity” to get votes.

      2. “…how much more do you propose to spend on the perpetuation of this lifestyle?”
        All of it. Newsom and the D’s have run this state for decades and have done nothing but enable this problem. The only real question is when will the voter finally wake up and say ‘enough’!

      3. I live in Texas, in the People’s Republic of Austin. Parts of our beautiful city have become a disgusting trash dump because of the homeless. Since California is so welcoming to these folks, how do I get them out of here and out to California where the democrats can pay for them to get the “housing that they deserve?” Oh… and thanks in advance, Mr. Newsome!

      4. So your assertion is that creating public housing causes people to become homeless.

        Most thinking people would consider that claim to be retarded.

        Did you also argue that planting apples causes shortages of apples.

        That would be Amazing wouldn’t it. LOL

    3. California is swimming in tax money. Democratic government after Democratic government gives excuses like the one you are giving, but they never get around to actually solving this.

      Not solving it is what keeps them in power.

    4. Do you have any solutions that don’t involve seizing the money of others?
      That hasn’t worked.

      1. They have no solutions other than to try the same failed hippy-dippy solutions over and over. IMHO California will never be fixed until the last 1960’s era hippie holdover progressive Democrat has dropped dead. They are stuck in the past with their adolescent mindset and will never grow up.

      2. Your question asks if there are any way to solve the American homeless problem that doesn’t involve spending.

        No, there is no way, because any action requires that those who are acting be paid.

        So what are you personally doing to solve the problem?

        Nothing I amagine.

      3. Maybe if the Republican Governor of Texas and US President, George W Bush had not squandered 8 TRILLION dollars in a failed and uneeded war while cutting taxes for the rich, twice, the US could spend some money to save Odessa, Texas and its water infrastructure and not spend it all on weapons to save Odessa Ukraine. But Americans are not worthy of help apparently. Or is it only Californians?

    5. This has nothing to do with “petro-dollars”, this has EVERYTHING to do with liberal California’s tolerance of substance abuse and mental illness as alternative lifestyles.

      1. The Great Generation came back
        Drunken with Macho Power &
        note infertile fruit
        BTW Ms Sarandon never got out of her car !

      2. California is warm, and it’s next to an ocean.

        No one wants to live in a desert, or in the cold, or anywhere there are disgusting Republican scumbags.

      3. You are hitting the nail on the head like a carpenter! And Vendicar D needs to realize that SoCal is technically a desert.


      1. Exactly. About 15 years ago a local journalist here in Orlando visited a homeless camp in a wooded area about 5 miles from my home. One of the “campers” actually had employable skills . . . had a generator, had cobbled up a nice shack, and admitted that he preferred living this way because it allowed him to drink all day. He’d scare up a little work for some money, but only enough to sustain this lifestyle. Many of the others in the encampment had mental issues, with local family who had tried interventions unsuccessfully, but simply refused to change. One was a married woman.

    7. Dumb . The “petro-dollar” is the lifeblood of America. If gas isn’t cheap, the poor suffer the MOST out of everyone. Oil is what makes living cheap. It affects the price of food (transportation costs), materials (plastics), travel (gas), and just about everything you handle day to day.

      Wake up and stop the idiocy.

      1. You are right. A minority of America’s homeless are drug abusers.

        25% of them work full time jobs, and a substantial number are physically disabled.

        But why would you deny housing to mental cases who clearly are incapable providing housing by themselves?

        Aren’t mental cases deserving of living a decent life? Or is it your position that they should just die in the nearest gutter?

      2. The world needs go get off the oil and gas kick ASAP.

        Have you noticed the change in weather patters, and the rapid conversion of the central U.S. to desert?

        Expect much more of that.

      1. Actually it is the Democrats who are constantly repairing the damage done by Republicans.

      2. Vendicar Decarian, you are spewing abject nonsense. There hasn’t been an elected Republican in SF for decades. It’s the loony progressive liberal Democrats in SF creating all the problems with their PC woke policies.

      3. 1964, a watershed year for the US and the world. LBJ’s War on Poverty and War on Vietnam both failed. Today we live with the repercussions of both wars. Eventually this broken society will disintegrate and end up in the dustbin of history.

      4. “There hasn’t been an elected Republican in SF for decades.” – EB Kid

        While this is a California has a homeless problem. It is a national problem that manifests in California because Americans are mobile and no thinking homeless person wants to live on the street in winter, and no one wants to live in a Republican state.

    8. The longer Republicans remain in power the more America falls apart.

      What America obviously needs is another few trillion in tax cuts for the rich.

      1. Excuse me but california is a one party state. No republicans there to run anything!!!! The big problem in California is most voters in california are looking for handouts which the democrats do to stay in power. The voters in california are the problem they do not understand what they vote for as media in california is all liberal propoganda. I should know I was born and raised in Southern california. It’s not the same plsce it used to be now It’s a third world environment.

      2. “The longer Republicans remain in power the more America falls apart.”

        You clearly have NO clue who runs liberal progressive cities such as SF, Oakland, Berkeley and LA. Republicans are few and far between in those cities, they are Democrat strongholds.

      3. “This is California. What Republicans are in charge?”

        While this is a California has a homeless problem. It is a national problem that manifests in California because Americans are mobile and no thinking homeless person wants to live on the street in winter, and no one wants to live in a Republican state period.

      4. I Live in a Republican State Virginia and there are no homeless encampments here. Democrats run D.C and there are 97 encampment sites across city.

    9. Perhaps it has been the last 50 years of Republican tax cuts for the wealthy and for America’s corporations that is the problem for the lack of money and America’s huge 30 trillion dollar federal debt.


      1. LOL the defecit was caused by Democrats. Grow up. Democrats caused this problem and the majority of America’s problems. Just like Newsom not building any reservoirs, they keep these issues going so they have a job, can solicit donations and can tell people “they are working on the problem”.

      2. You are a 1 note samba. No surprise you didn’t know that the USA has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Name countries that’ve taxed themselves into prosperity? There is no lack of money, as your hero Joetard keeps printing it. The longer liberals/socialists remain in power, the more America falls apart. What’s mommy cooking for dinner tonight?

      3. The goverment is collecting record revenue amounts every month and the solution to every problem is to spend it faster than they get it. Not a revenue problem, a problem of bloted government programs that have no idea where the money goes.

      4. LOL Biden just gave away 60 Billion to Ukraine and left 2 Trillion worth in equipment and machinery in Afghanistan. Get your facts straight!

      5. LBJ, a democrat, signed into law the Revenue Act of 1964, cutting federal income taxes by approximately twenty percent across the board, and the top federal income tax rate fell from 91 percent to 70 percent. The act also reduced the corporate tax from 52 percent to 48 percent and created a minimum standard deduction. Initial estimates predicted a loss of revenue as a result of the tax cuts, however, tax revenue increased in 1964 and 1965. ANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS Vendicar Decarian.

      6. “LOL the defecit was caused by Democrats.” – Hank Chinaski

        “Starving the beast” is a political strategy employed by American conservatives to limit government spending[1][2][3] by cutting taxes, in order to deprive the federal government of revenue in a deliberate effort to force it to reduce spending. The term “the beast”, in this context, refers to the United States federal government and the programs it funds, using mainly American taxpayer dollars, particularly social programs[4] such as education, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.[3]

        Total tax revenues as a percentage of GDP for the U.S. in comparison to the OECD and the EU 15.
        On July 14, 1978, economist and future Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan testified to the Senate Finance Committee: “Let us remember that the basic purpose of any tax cut program in today’s environment is to reduce the momentum of expenditure growth by restraining the amount of revenue available and trust that there is a political limit to deficit spending.”[5]

        Before his election as President, then-candidate Ronald Reagan foreshadowed the strategy during the 1980 US Presidential debates, saying “John Anderson tells us that first we’ve got to reduce spending before we can reduce taxes. Well, if you’ve got a kid that’s extravagant, you can lecture him all you want to about his extravagance. Or you can cut his allowance and achieve the same end much quicker.”[6]

        The earliest known use of the actual term “starve the beast” was in a 1979 newspaper article quoting Santa Rosa, California city councilman Jerry Wilhelm speaking at a tax forum sponsored by the Libertarian Party.[7]

    10. Protecting the petro-dollar? The insane morons are destroying our fossil-fueled based Civilization, way of life, world economies, lives and futures for the truly insane goal of thinking they can change the WORLD CLIMATE!

      1. And this stunt of Bidens that took away or energy independence had done nothing for climate change – in fact done more harm.

        Try and explain the logic of destroying out energy independence and then using the oil reserve and begging (Hobo Joe) our enemies for more oil.

      2. The notion that we are supporting “green” solutions because we are now obtaining our petrol from other countries, supporting their economies, their jobs, and policies when they are not favorable to our own seems an absurdity. Now we are sucking oil from our reserves to buy votes and the politicians have no thought for replacement if war breaks out with Russia and China. The free world is facing a cold winter without fuel and the fools in government neither speak to the danger or move to alleviate a breakdown in world stability. Term Limits! If you can’t feather your nest in 2 terms, you are too stupid to be in power anyway regardless of your political leaning. Making a career in politics runs contrary to honest representation. No power brokers, no bribes, no big shadow donors.

      3. Your way of life is incompatible with life.

        Sorry Clown Car but you way of life is unsustainable and you will be forced to change or die.

        Your death may be preferable as it will raise the Global IQ level.

    11. But, the Dems are in chrge of these cities. In fact they are running (running down) the whole country.

      So much for the current Dem-socialist agenda.

      1. While this is a California has a homeless problem. It is a national problem that manifests in California because Americans are mobile and no thinking homeless person wants to live on the street in winter, and no one wants to live in a Republican state period….

      1. Yup. Democrats fix most problems. Republicans cause most problems.

        But you have to elect them first.

    12. We can’t afford to help US citizens in our country. Briben has to bring in millions of illegals and fentanyl to kill over 100,000 US citizens. The Democrats have to protect their political power. So, Gavin Newson can dine at the French Laundry. Paul Pelosi can crash his $170,000 Porsche Carrera in Napa Valley. Nancy can live in a gated community and tend to her vineyards and tell everyone how much money she makes in the stock market.

      1. The Democrats can bring in millions of illegals and make the taxpayers pay for them, but they can’t even fix the problems in their own back yard. If they worked for a public company they would be fired for incompetence.

      2. The U.S. is allowing approximately 650,000 illegals in per year.

        At that rate it will take 600 years for immigrants to equal the current population.

        oooooohhhhh, I’m scared… …..


    13. You’ll never fix it until you put the responsibility where iot belongs, on the people living there. 80% of it could be solved by forcing them to clean up. There are jobs everywhere. Maybe not there, so move them to where they can live on what they’ll make. This is America. There is a price of admission to everything. I’d like to belong to the country club, but I can’t afford it. They want to live in CA, they can’t afford it. You clean them up, give them a few places to choose from, arrange a job, get them running for 90 days and they’re on their own. Stay clean, show up at work, maybe if you do well you can move back to CA. The 10-20% with mental issues need long term institutionl care. A dorm situation. Put requirements on them. You do this , or no money. These people are all getting checks with no strings. Drug test them, If we’re paying the bills we make the rules. Don’t like it, don’t take the money. Its called personal responsibility. Why is everyone so afraid of holding them responsible for their situation?

      1. “There are jobs everywhere. Maybe not there, so move them to where they can live on what they’ll make. ”

        25% of the homeless work full time.
        15 to 20% are mentally or physically incapable of working.

        You did know that didn’t you?

      2. “forcing them to clean up.”

        The homeless don’t drive. How do you think they are going to get rid of their large bulk items?

        They live on the street where there is no garbage pickup. How do you think they are going to get rid of their regular trash?

    14. Well, how many of the homeless in Cali are there because of choice, substance abuse / mental illness or a lifestyle of crime and what to be under the radar? Not all homeless fall under those conditions but many likely do. So opening the mental wards in the 80s was a huge error. Like turning domesticated animals louse to fend for themselves. Very inhumane. At some point, many of the homeless need supervision and that likely would involve institutionalization.

      1. Actually they are mostly mentally ill, or physically disabled, or working full time jobs.

        Why do you feel a need to lie about it?

        Does it make your inaction seem more bearable.

    15. This is far from the worst homeless encampments in Oakland. I grew up there. Oakland and California remind me of the Philippines where there are miles and miles of Newsomvilles along the freeways.

      1. America’s homeless is a shameful indemnification of American Culture.

        The Republican comments here illustrate why the problem can’t be solved as long as they hold any kind of power.

    16. so you think , exxon mobile, bp, and other oil companies caused this???? As the federal government and joe biden pour billions into Ukraine, while inflation runs rampant with votes like you its stunning this hasnt happened sooner. news flash you cant solve all problems with money.

      1. “so you think , exxon mobile, bp, and other oil companies caused this????”

        There are a lot of causes, all embraced by Republicans. But yes, the oil industry has played it’s part by paying Libertarian propaganda groups like CATO and the American Enterprise Institute to lie to the American people.

        In order to survive America needs to remove every Republican from office.
        Failure to do this and do it immediately guarantees America’s death.

        The enemies of America are laughing.

    17. I worked with a Catholic priest in the 80’s who had worked with the poor and the homeless all over the world. He said here in the US 86% of the homeless want to be homeless. He told me, “Think about it. They don’t have to pay a mortgage, utility bills, auto bill, insurance. They get free hand outs & government assistance. He said 4% are alcoholics/drug addicts, the remaining 10% are mentally ill.
      Our politics have created an entitlement mentality culture. Why work if I can live on government assistance? The Bible clearly states, “You don’t work you don’t eat.” Of course there are exceptions to that. We must take care of the invalids & those who are truly down on their luck.

    18. “There are currently over 173,800 unhoused residents in California, according to a newly published survey by CalMatters, a nonpartisan and nonprofit news organization in the state.”
      Start with the Gov.

      1. There are currently around a half million homeless in America.

        Start with yourself, and ask what can be done?

    19. What a deraned response. The petro dollars will free these people from poverty. Now free your mind from your own indoctrination.

    20. Or there’s always this, we spend billions welcoming illegals into the country, feed them, clothes them, house them, insure them, don’t pay taxes. We should be helping people in our own country first. Why is it so terrible to be wealthy. Most wealthy people took enormous risks and worked tirelessly to become wealthy. Not all. Some were lucky and were just born into the right family. Veterans and disabled should go to the front of the line.

  2. Leftists destroy every major city they control! These Marxist scum have to be destroyed. Patriots will soon return this country to greatness

  3. Right…..keep throwing money at the mentally ill and chronic drug abusers. Newsom will bring this destructive view to all of America as he runs for POTUS. They idiots in CA elected him, they can live with him.

    1. At this point, most of America’s mentally ill are found in the Republican party.

  4. Remember…IF you like this…VOTE DEMOCRAT !! Our DEMOCRAT Leaders are responsible for ALL of this and more! Its been a hard 20 years under sole DEMOCRAT run California. They toiled long and hard to put this many people into tents and under bridges and we will see even more of this if you would ONLY vote DEMOCRAT once again!!! Thank you GAVIN!…..Our Fearless slick haired leader…..

    1. Most of the homeless in California originate from the Parasite Republican states.

  5. I frequently work in Oakland. This isn’t at all unusual. There are encampments that stretch for city blocks. One that I frequently passed by featured a 12′ tall pile of bicycle parts. I’m sure the owner had receipts for everything. Many homeless want to stay in places like this, they will not stay in shelters. It’s not so much a housing problem as a mental health problem.

  6. Split government works best, each group of thieves keeps the others in check and the few honest ones on both sides feel like they have a chance.

  7. These people need a swift kick in the a$$. Bring back the CHAIN GANG. Not one of these losers are even from the bay in the first place

    1. If you feed a cat, it will always come back for more. Same with the homeless. Keep shoveling those billions at them.

      1. Most of America’s homeless are mentally of physically disabled, or are people who are working full time but can’t afford housing.

        You did know that didn’t you?

        And most of the homeless in California are from Republican states.

    2. I see, so your belief is that the mentally ill should be slaves.

      Is that the American vision of freedumb?

      1. What’s more humane? Leaving impaired and or addicted people to sort out life or housing them and treating their illness(es)?

      2. I had no idea that chain gangs were a form of treating a persons illness.

        “Leaving impaired and or addicted people to sort out life or housing them and treating their illness(es)?” – EMC

  8. “we’re getting people off the streets and into the housing and services they deserve”

    They deserve???? I do things right. I paid off my student loans, I work hard, I buy health insurance and life insurance and pay my bills on time….and I get SCREWED by socialists like Newsom because those who don’t do things right “DESERVE” it. F Libs.

    1. agree 100%. Pisses me off these low lifes are ruining this state well them and the politicians

      1. The homeless issue is a national issue because Americans are free to move from state to state.

        As a result it needs a national solution.

        What national solution do you propose?

    2. i think you have a point- but you mustard cut remember this a kiss is but a kiss and this is california ya know- hollywoody, full of fantasy islands galore

    3. Awwwwwwww. You poor boy, you are a victim because you don’t get free food paid for by the California government.

      We feel for you… LOL… We really do….

    4. And don’t you love that the Biden administration is taking care of college loans for those who chose to go to college and get ahead in life. So now I can pay for others’ college educations. Wouldn’t those who chose to just get a job would have liked to know about the cushy liberal plan that was to come to pass. And now that my daughter is preparing to enter college next year, not only do I get to pay for others’ college, but I get to pay for my daughter’s as well. Or is this going to be an ongoing thing, are we that far into socialism already. The socialism creeps in even faster than I had foreseen.

  9. Ship them all to catalina and provide housing there for them. Get them out of here I am sick of looking at them.

  10. Right, Gavin. California is certainly a model but it’s not how to deal effectively with the homeless problem. Your state under your leadership has failed miserably on this issue.

    1. Republicans deal with their homeless problem by relying on the homeless traveling to California where it is warm.

      Do the Republican states have any other ideas?

      1. Sure. We here in FL (where it is also warm) are working on building a network of mental health clinics and community resources. We also have law enforcement and courts that support our laws. It isn’t perfect, but it beats scenes like those in your video. Enabling a problem is rarely as effective as weeding out solutions for it. Besides, we can always give them free bus rides to Vendicarville.

      2. “Sure. We here in FL (where it is also warm) are working on building a network of mental health clinics and community resources.”

        Excellent. I hope it works.

        What has stopped you from doing this up until this point?

  11. This twisted logic is exactly why I left CA. I took my business and my tax dollars with me to another unnamed state. Want to see the future of CA? Just look at any other major city consistently run by the Dems. Baltimore, Chicago, Detriot, DC, the result is always the same. Now the Dems are just doing it on a grander scale with the entire state of CA.

  12. Sarandon laments all the homelessness, but fails to link her political support of the people and policies that create this mess. Count me unmoved.

    1. Specifically which of Sarandon’s policies has created the homeless problem in California?

      Be specific.

      1. I’ll be specific, Sarandon unquestioningly supports the liberal progressive Democrat problems who created the problem in the first place with their increasingly generous handouts to people who would rather do drugs than work.

  13. Get beaten, hosed, rounded up and dumped 20 miles out of town in a vacant field with a water trough, a circus tent, and barrels of dog food.
    Or get on a bus to a farm and labor tilling and harvesting crops for the prevailing wage, comfortable housing provided. You can buy a bus ticket anywhere you want to go with your earnings. But it will be the same policy everywhere.
    Apply billy-clubs as necessary.
    So call me names.

    1. Sure. We here in FL (where it is also warm) are working on building a network of mental health clinics and community resources. We also have law enforcement and courts that support our laws. It isn’t perfect, but it beats scenes like those in your video. Enabling a problem is rarely as effective as weeding out solutions for it. Besides, we can always give them free bus rides to Vendicarville.

      1. “Sure. We here in FL (where it is also warm) are working on building a network of mental health clinics and community resources.”

        Excellent. I hope it works.

        What has stopped you from doing this up until this point?

    2. I get your frustration. These people are all getting checks. Put requirements on them. Yes they can pick vegetables and get housing and food. There are jobs all over the country where you can live on what you make. They are in CA because of the handouts and some for the weather.. The new rules: Want your check? drug test weekly or random. Fail?, no check. You have 90 days to get your act together. After that here’s 3-4 places most likely in another state, where you will have a job, pick one. In 90 days we’ll bus you out, put you in temporary housing so you can walk/ bus to your job (Might be wshing dishes, picking vegetables, working in a warehouse, a slaughteryard, you don’t get to pick, (You want your check , right?) We take 50% of your work check and put it in an account. In three months you can rent your own place and Viola! you’re on your own. My bet is 30-40% would solve their problem themselves, another 30-40% would have to pick the deal. The 10% that are totally wacko would have to live in a dorm instituion. You are free in America until you decide to make me, the taxpayer, support you forever. Then you work for me and I make the rules. Don’t like it?, take personal responsibility and support yourself.

      1. Well, THAT is just too sensible! What professional politician can run on or steal from it? Responsibility! Imagine……

      2. You have no evidence that ALL homeless people are getting government checks.
        Not even proof that half or a third or 10%, none.

        Are you Ronald Reagan’s ghost?

  14. We should stop allowing millions of illegal aliens from breaking into our country, and absorbing so much aid in social services. Then we could spend that money on our homeless citizens.

  15. Homelessness has been a problem in CA. for OVER 40 years and none of these ‘solutions’ have worked including ‘more housing.’ If more housing was the solution then the TENTS would have already solved the problem. Drug addiction and untreated mental illness is at least 80% of the problem. Neither is solved solely with a rent free apartment.

  16. California is ADDICTED to STARS from a VIEW who LACK ANSWERS and are narcissists.
    They sit daily and spew and CONDEMMIN ONE political party that is RED… that has BEAUTIFUL well organized and controlled STATES with similar drug addicts that HAVE FOUND SOLUTIONS to these problems.

    These mentally ill narcissists also REPRESENT CNN ABC CBS NBC – these so-called NEWS organizations with —POLITICAL TALKING heads with the title of NEWS.
    No ANSWERS just BIG FAT mouths that spend their HATE ALL DAY condemning the PARTY with real ANSWERS to many problems in the USA.
    Just FACE IT and OWN IT, DEMOCRATS. YOU HAVE NO ANSWERS. You WASTE people’s TAX money that goes to THE PELOSI DYNASTY in California.

    Don’t you question how your elected officials all become EXTREMELY WEALTHY from their day jobs as politicians? Starting with Miss NANCY. Her $193 Million PERSONAL wealth REPRESENTS YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. California has too many good old boy club DYNASTIES in your elected offices.

    You don’t care or you would VOTE THEM ALL OUT AND TRY SOMEONE NEW in California. Pelosi family DYNASTY lines are ALL in control of California. How is that working for you?

    Insanity is to CONTINUE to VOTE for the SAME PEOPLE year after year.. who have NO NEW IDEAS or SOLUTIONS to your problems.

    I think the USA should BREAK UP…. into 3 parts. Let these mentally ill Democrats have their own states. Let these fools that are ACTORS spend their own money to fix California. They are part of the reason it is a disaster. These are less educated people who are wealthy fools that use their podium to SUPPORT political policies that do nothing to FIX your state.

    Democrats have only daily TALKING POINTS TO CONDEMN people with solutions. You made your beds by your VOTES… it is about time to try something NEW. The answers are all in your own hands.

    You can START by holding your offices of the state accountable for the MESS they don’t fix.

  17. CA needs to raise taxes on the $100K+ earners. There’s no reason that some should live in splendor while others live in squalor. They also need to raise property taxes to pay for more for the most needy. We need to stop thinking that only the bilionaires should be taxed higher (They should but so should so many others.)

    1. Nobody lives in splendor in CA for 100k, and those that do live better weren’t born dukes and earls living off the serfs. They WORK!! They find ways to sacrifice their time and energy to give something to society and get paid for it. These people do nothing at all, which is why they’re homeless.

      1. There are 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles alone. Does anyone believe there are 60K full time jobs just waiting to be filled by these homeless people in L.A.? If not then how are they all suppose to ‘get paid’ doing something ?

        $100k might not be splendor but it is LIGHT YEARS from poverty.
        People earning $40K and higher for decades have no touch with reality when discussing homeless people. You think it’s so easy to go from homeless to suit and tie and directly to an office job[just pull yourself up by your own boot straps]
        Ronald Reagan died a decade AFTER his BS died.

    2. Yes? And you need stop stop thinking rich people should be the only one’s paying. How about EVERYONE pays 15% of their income with NO deductions for any reason? I make a lot of money and I pay less than that because of deductions and depreciation on all my rental properties. I would have no problem paying far more if everyone ‘pays their fair share.’ Want me to pay 30%? Fine. If the Taco Bell guy making $600 a week pays $200, I have no problem with it.

    3. Yes, Connor, there is a reason for some living in splendor while others live in squalor and it is called “CHOICES,” which those living in squalor mostly failed miserably. The Dem mantra is take from the rich and give to the lazy.
      You should increase your taxes voluntarily based on how you seem to feel unless you are being facetious.

    4. You think making over $100K makes you “rich” in California, especially in the SF Bay Area? I regularly decline offers to recruiters to interview for jobs paying $120-140K a year in Silicon Valley because I can barely afford to live there on those salaries. Clearly we can ignore the rest of your posted drivel based on your ignorance of what going on in this state.

    5. Have a new tax than is..for every $10,000 earned over $100,000 you pay an extra 1% in income taxes up to $249,999. Then for every $10,000 earned above $250K you pay 3% extra in income taxes up to $999,999. Then from $1 million, for every $25K earned you pay an extra 5% in income taxes. Then starting at $100 million, for every $25K earned an extra 7% in taxes is paid. At $1 Billion in income set a extra rate of 20% above all taxes already paid. And eliminate all deductions and credits for all earners over $100K, no exceptions! This would be a cash cow for what is needed.

    6. Blaaaaaahhhhhhh!
      $100K in CA is like $50K anywhere else. Its not a revenue problem, its a spending problem.

      1. If $100K was REALLY like $50K anywhere else then EVERYONE in California would have left that state by now. They have not left, not even close, so that means it must still be a high income state regardless of how much people want to claim how expensive it is to live there. A two-to-one comparison is a lie.

  18. Little to no pity for most of them here. They support a democratic/socialist/communist radical leftists like Sarandon who champion the very policies that have created their situation. However, many have severe mental issues that don’t allow them to fit into normal society; and shamefully many are combat veterans who have been roughly used and then abandoned like a cheap paring knife when it breaks.

  19. You’re not ‘unhoused.’ You don’t have anywhere to live because you didn’t make that a priority. San Francisco too expensive? I agree. Go somewhere else and stop whining like a child.

    You want to see the value of those people? Look at the filth they live in. I was once ‘unhoused’ and I NEVER lived like a filthy pig. The area around my tent was clean and organized, and I even had a small battery operated Christmas tree. Trash are trash whether they live on the street or they live in a mansion.

  20. Really? I don’t think any of the other 49 states really cares about a bunch of elitist money grubbing leeches like those movie people in Californicate.

  21. The policies of the Left are coming home to roost. And as the results come into view the Left only cries for more and more of the very policies that brought this situation into being in the first place. If you really want to stop this trend then the following difficult policies need to be adopted:
    (1) go after drug king pins wherever they may be, regardless of other country’s sovereignty, with the full force of the US military.
    (2) quit coddling the homeless; you don’t want to work? Then you don’t eat. Period.
    (3) make panhandling illegal and arrest panhandlers and out them to work on chain gangs.
    (4) throw Leftist politicians out of office on their ears.
    Problem will be resolved much faster than you might think.

    1. Agree. We could all be homeless except for some reason we decided to work and take personal responsibility for ourselves. Think about it, if someone would give you $500 a week to do nothing, that’s a pretty strong incentive to do nothing vs working and making $650 a week.. Now getting $50 a week would be an incentive to go to work. Start decreasing their checks $25 a week down to $50. Watch most of them solve their own problems

      1. What about $499 given to you for nothing instead of $500?
        How far does your idea go before you have to admit that you’re just a terrible person who just wants to see the homeless people disappear into a ball of flames?

    1. “free handouts” is a duplicate phrase since free is free and handouts are also free.

      Just say handouts.

      BTW, in your entire ADULT life has anyone ever given you anything that had value for free?
      Even if it were only worth barely more than a penny?

      Did you feel that person enabled you to be lazy ?

  22. This is something I saw with regularly in travels in third world shit hole countries. This DOES NOT occur in Florida. Thanks to Christ that we have a legitimate Governor here that protects citizens.

    Arrest and deport all non citizens. Offer drug rehab — involuntarily commit those that are a threat to themselves and others but most importantly tear down these shanty towns and DO NOT let them rebuild.

    These are OUR spaces and we do not have to put up with trespassers and squatters defiling our public square.

    Enforce laws first. Start to deal with the addictions but only after we take back our streets.

  23. I’ve always wondered why homeless encampments are littered with trash? Can they not at least pick up after themselves? It’s not like they don’t have a lot of free time on their hands. Perhaps they should show they are willing to help themselves, to put a little work in to better their own lives before everyone rushes and do what they are unwilling to do for themselves,

  24. Is Sarandon admitting that her political party is an utter failure and posting it for the world to see? Or is she of the mind that she’s documenting a national crisis that needs to be addressed while illegals in NYC are set up in huge dorm tents with IP phones, big screen TV’s, Healthcare, xBoxes and a full cafeteria? Oh wait, that just continues to prove that liberal ideas and policies are a massive failure. Maybe she’s going elitist NIMBY?

  25. Republicans haven’t been in control for a couple years, and things have only become worse.
    After reading several of your posts, might I recommend a 101 level economics course.

  26. Sarandon and her progressive friends make this mess. You break it, you own it.
    Many of these people are doing drugs imported from Mexico. Maybe, just for an experiment, we actually close the border for 6 months and see if it helps? But no….not “progressives.” THIS is a video of Democratic Party “progress.” Maybe you can move them to Pelosi’s neighborhood….or Martha’s Vineyard.

    1. I’d love that WALL to be 50 feet tall and 25 feet thick made of IRON and always kept at 275F on the southern side. And a moat 100 yards wide with snakes and alligators in it being fed very little so that they are hungry. Flood lights at 10,000 lumens and a high pitched whining noise that is at 177 decibels 24×7 when you’re 50 yards near the base of the war. Snipers on top of the wall every 50 feet with night vision and lasers but only rubber bullets.

      I have a dream….one day

  27. The Democrats have completecontrol of Oakland, both US Senate seats and majority of Congressional seats. Democrats control the Governor’s Office, Assembly and State Senate. There are no Republicans in any of the State’s Constitutional Offices. The majority of all of the State’s Appeals and Supreme Court Judges are Democrat appointees.

    Democrats are the reason homelessness continues to increase in California.

  28. Ha ha, bleeding hearts now getting sh!t on by the very people they demanded get freesh!t.
    Suck it Susan, no one gives two fvkcs about your problems.

  29. “California’s a garden of Eden
    A paradise to live in and see
    but believe it or not
    you won’t find it so hot
    if you ain’t got the do-re-me.
    woody Guthrie

  30. Let’s do the Joe Biden way…

    Build a 80 story 10,000 unit apartment building!
    Build as many of these 80 story building until all the homeless are off the street.
    Make then rent free and all utilities free, groceries free.

    This would work(D)

    1. While we “tax the rich ’til their rich no more…” Ten Years After ‘I’d Love to Change the World”

    1. It’s gross when you think of how weinstein looks!!
      BUT all these women got some job, career or acting role out of the interaction with Harvey but YEARS LATER said they were victims.

      There is a word for that but I forgot it.

  31. Congrats, Susan!
    Your life-long leftist political struggle to destroy America is really paying off!

  32. Susan Sarandon used to be known as an actress but now is known as an activist. Susan, anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can be an activist. Few can be a top tier level actor/actress and how a career where they have leading roles in movies into their 60s and 70s. Seems ole Susan figured out being famous was far easier when NOT doing movies but rather being an activist.

    Clint Eastwood is in his EIGHTIES and acts, directs, produces and writes movies. And good ones too…..and he has done this since he was in his early 30s!!! His opinion is listened to because he has talent….more than 10 great actors combined 😀

  33. NEW income tax bracket
    $350K and above = 77%

    That should raise enough money to build free 5 bedroom 3 bathroom houses on 3 acre lots so all 330 million Americans and illegals can have a nice house and include free furniture. Plus throw in a year of groceries and electricity. And 1 new car capped at $30K every 7 years. This would work. AND free 1Gbps up/down fiber Internet, 3 connection per home, for life!
    This would solve many problems and America would be safer, happier and it would create so many new jobs and end HOMELESSNESS. Democrats, get on the ball with this NOW(D)!

  34. Long term: Put bums in boot camps in isolated areas of the state. And re-open mental hospitals for the mentally ill. Two choices for them. Nobody is served by letting these people “live” this way.
    Short term: Trap our neighborhood feral cats here for them to get rid of the rats living underneath the piles of trash.

  35. Maybe we should gather all the homeless people into one place to better serve them, to concentrate resources for them? If we concentrate them into camps the divide them based on their needs like mental, drug addiction etc. Then concentrate more and divide into smaller camps? Seems better and efficient. Concentration would be a good idea, Agree?

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