Stephen Colbert Buzzes About Fly on Pence’s Head During VP Debate

Stephen Colbert recaps the vice presidential debate on the CBS Late Show. (Credit: CBS)

Wednesday night marked the first and only debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris. It wasn’t anything either politician said that generated buzz among the late-night hosts, instead it was a fly that landed on Pence’s head that got the hosts talking.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert held a live post-debate show, and host Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but take a few jabs at Pence for fly-gate.

“Now, Senator Harris landed some blows. Mike Pence dodged and parried, but ultimately it was a vice presidential debate, and there was a limit to just how interesting — oh my God look at his hair!” Colbert joked about footage of the fly landing on Pence’s head. “It’s so full of crap he’s attracting flies.”

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“God bless you, fly,” Colbert added. “I guess the plexiglass wasn’t high enough. Listen, all jokes aside, thoughts and prayers to that fly’s family. It’s gotta quarantine for two weeks now. We’ve got to get that fly to Walter Reed.”

The word “Fly” trended on Twitter for hours Wednesday night. The Biden campaign is also having some fun with the incident. Shortly after the debate ended, the campaign posted an ad for a branded fly swatter.

The debate itself focused on more serious issues, including climate change, the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, health care, police brutality, and President Trump’s leadership.

With COVID-19 spreading quickly among White House staffers, enormous attention was given to health precautions at the debate, and Harris and Pence were separated by plexiglass dividers.