‘SNL’: Michael Che Thinks Trump Is More Hated Than Bill Cosby

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update on Nov. 2, 2019. (Credit: NBC)

The way Michael Che sees things, President Trump may be the most hated man in America.

During tonight’s “Weekend Update” segment on Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost began by making fun of Trump for changing his permanent residency to Florida from New York.

“I gotta say, if you can’t drain the swamp, then move to it,” Jost said mockingly.

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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update on Nov. 2, 2019. (Credit: NBC)
Michael Che jokes about Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. (Courtesy: NBC)

Che then chimed in, noting that Trump got a hostile reception during Saturday’s UFC championship at Madison Square Garden.

“I don’t blame Trump for moving,” Che said. “He got booed today in New York at the UFC fight. He got booed in D.C. at the World Series. Now he’s moving to Florida, so he can probably get booed at Disney World.”

“He gets booed everywhere he’s ever lived,” Che continued. “Even Cosby can still play Philly.”

After mocking the 82-year-old comedian and Philadelphia native, who was convicted on sex crime charges in 2018, Che said the difference between the two men is everyone in New York hates Trump.

“You gotta be a special kind of guy for New Yorkers to unanimously hate you,” he quipped. “I mean, we put up with a lot of bad people. Just today I had a fella yell the N-word at me on the subway with a hard ER, and even still, I don’t hate him. I just finished peeing and switched cars.”

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