‘SNL’: Chris Redd Walks Back ‘Crazy’ Claim About Race and The Coronavirus

Chris Redd on SNL discussing "what's really important."

Chris Redd had some explaining to do this weekend on Saturday Night Live.

The comedian stopped by the “Weekend Update” segment and shared his thoughts on what’s really important — like who operates a blimp.

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That prompted Michael Che to ask the comic about the real reason he was there — to correct a false claim he made last year about the coronavirus.

“Hold on Chris, this wasn’t the plan. Weren’t you supposed to be talking about the last time you were up here?” Che said.

After Redd continued to stall, Che pressed him to get back on topic. The show then played a clip of Redd appearing on the “Weekend Update” on Feb. 29, 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just starting.

“Black people can’t get the coronavirus,” Redd said at the time. Once the clip ended, the camera cut to the comedian on set and he looked mortified.

“Okay. I guess that didn’t hold up great,” he admitted.

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Che then insisted they play the clip again, this time in slow motion.

Redd said he’d seen enough. “In my defense, I was just saying something crazy,” he explained. “I’m not a scientist. I went to community college, which is like high school but you can have sex with your teachers — with consent.”

Che reminded the comedian that teachers and students shouldn’t be hooking up. Redd’s response: “Well, I learned something today.”

Watch the video from SNL below.