Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps End Feud: ‘We Are Good’

Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps met up and settled their differences after exchanging insults online. (Credit: Instagram/@shannonsharpe84

After exchanging insults online (and threats), Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps have settled their differences.

Sharpe posted a photo gallery on Instagram Thursday, showing himself with Epps as the two smiled and arm-wrestled.

“As promised. No video required. No audio required. Just a picture of proof. We are good,” Sharpe captioned the Feb. 15 post.

The two met up in Epps’ hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, where the NBA All-Star Game takes place this weekend.

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The meeting came after fans recorded video of Epps at a recent stand-up show jokingly saying he turned down an invitation from Sharpe to visit the Hall of Famer’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast. Epps then made disparaging remarks about the NFL legend, questioned his sexuality, and said he resembles Tyler Perry’s cross-dressing character, Madea.

Sharpe responded on the post-Super Bowl episode of his “Nightcap” sports podcast with fellow NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

While he didn’t say Epps’ name, Sharpe did threaten to expose someone for “lying” by releasing direct messages exchanged between the two.

“I’m gone fire this shot over your head mofo… mention my name again and I’mma put the DMs out, and I don’t like doing this, but you’re lying. I don’t care about all that other stuff, you can say I’m gay… I don’t care about that,” Sharpe said.

He then issued a warning.

“When I see you, I’m gone see if you’re about that,” Sharpe said. “Say my name again. Be like Destiny’s Child, talking about ‘say my name,’ and I got something for your a–.”

Epps responded with a since-deleted Instagram video on Monday, Feb. 12, admitting that he reached out to Sharpe after the NFL star sat down with Epps’ Friday After Next co-star, Katt Williams.

“I know this grown man is not mad at me. So many people talked crazy about you. They was on Saturday Night Live talking crazy about you, imitating you. Now you want to fight me?” Epps said. “I’m not gonna lie. I did DM you to get on the show. But I DM’d you to get on the show because you brought my name up when you was sitting there with Katt, and you was trying to get him to talk crazy about me, but he didn’t.”

Epps warned he’d be ready if he ran into Sharpe in Indianapolis, and would be locked and loaded.

“I don’t be doing no fighting, lately. It’s only one other option, if you don’t do fighting, you do blank, blank, blank, blank, blank blank,” Epps said, suggesting he carries a gun.

It’s nice to see the two stars have cooled off and decided to arm-wrestle instead of something more serious.