‘Queen of the South’ Season 4 Ends With Bullets, Flames, Shocking Return

Queen of the South Season 4 Finale. (Credit: USA Network)

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details on the Aug. 29, fourth season finale of Queen of the South on USA Network.

Season 4 of Queen of the South ended with a fiery death and a surprising return.

The action unfolds with Teresa (Alice Braga) moving to expand her drug empire once again, this time to New York. She asks Oksana (Vera Cherny) to set up a meeting with her cousin, a ruthless Russian drug boss. Teresa knows it’s a dangerous move, but the alliance would make her almost untouchable. Still, Oksana has an ominous warning —  her cousin is crazy.

King George (Ryan O’Nan) reminds Teresa that Russian gangsters are the “nastiest” people on Earth. Undeterred, she says a Russian partnership would give her cartel “momentum.”

Javier Learns What Happened to Emilia
Javier is led to the shallow grave where Emelia (Sofía Lama) is buried. After digging with his bare hands, he uncovers her remains.

Heartbroken, he leans over the body and breaks down in tears. Javier calls Boaz in Miami to let him know Emelia was killed by “corrupt cops.” Boaz tells him to make sure the killer “dies a painful death.” Javier vows to get revenge.

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Queen of the South Season 4. (Credit: USA Network)
Teresa vows to destroy Judge Lafayette. (USA Network)

Teresa Plots Revenge on Judge Lafayette
Now that Teresa knows Judge Lafayette (David Andrews) killed Tony, she wants blood. Marcel (Alimi Ballard) vows to help bring the slippery judge down.

They visit the prostitute Lafayette sees every Wednesday and pay her to lure the judge into a trap. The prostitute says she hates Lafayette and agrees to help.

Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. Randall (Cory Hart) is tipped off and shows up to rescue the judge. Pote (Hemky Madera) opens fire on Randall, but he’s wearing a vest and escapes death. The judge manages to slither away and it’s on.

Javier’s Day of Reckoning
Javier finally admits he got Tony killed. Teresa calls the judge to let him know his nephew died in a bar fight and it wasn’t her who ordered his death. She tells the judge they’re now even, with each losing a family member.

But Lafayette is having none of it and orders Teresa to “hand over her man.” Teresa refuses to give Javier up, but the judge forces her hand by kidnapping Oksana. Later, Javier goes willingly to face an almost certain death.

Queen of the South Season 4. (Credit: USA Network)
James makes a shocking return. (USA Network)

The Fiery End
Lafayette’s henchmen lead a bloodied and bruised Javier to the trunk of a car. Once he climbs inside, they pour gasoline on the car and douse Javier’s clothes.

Defiant until the end, Javier tells Randall: “Let’s do this asshole.”  Randall holds up a lighter and says “nothing personal amigo,” in yet another racist insult. As Randall ignites the gasoline, Javier lunges, pulls him into the open trunk and they’re both engulfed in flames.

Shocking Return
Just as it seemed things were finally settling down, a mysterious car speeds toward Teresa, Pote and George.

The door opens and someone stumbles out. It’s James (Peter Gadiot)! He’s covered in blood and falls to the ground. A shocked Teresa rushes to his side and yells “call a doctor.”

The episode ends with James whispering to Teresa: “They’re coming for you.”