‘Power Book IV: Force’ Preview: Tommy Warns He’s No ‘Friendly Ghost’

Power Book IV: Force season 2 trailer. (Credit: Starz)

Power Book IV: Force is back and Tommy has a warning — don’t play with him, because he’s no “friendly ghost.”

Season 2 of the crime drama premieres tonight on Starz.

In a preview clip, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Diamond (Isaac Keys) hustle to keep CBI’s game ahead of Jenard’s new faction on the streets.

Diamond lays out his plans for CBI’s future to his crew. “Things are about to change with our family, street wise, financial wise, everything,” Diamond says.

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But not everyone likes what they hear. Diamond’s foot soldiers question his plan and ask why Tommy is there listening to family business.

“Why is this white boy sitting in the dark like Casper the Friendly Ghost?” one crew member asks, comparing Tommy to a cartoon character.

“Nah, I ain’t no ghost,” Tommy responds. “I can be friendly though, or I can make your life f–king hell. It’s up to you.”

The cast includes Kris D. Lofton as “Jenard Sampson,” Manuel Eduardo Ramirez as “Miguel Garcia,” Adrienne Walker as “Shanti ‘Showstopper’ Page,” and Tommy Flanagan as “Walter Flynn.”

The series also stars Lili Simmons as “Claudia Flynn,” Shane Harper as “Vic Flynn,” Carmela Zumbado as “Mireya Garcia,” Miriam A. Hyman as “US Attorney Stacy Marks,” Anthony Fleming III as “JP,” and Lucien Cambric as “D-Mac.”

Power Book IV: Force returns to Starz on Friday, Sept. 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT in the U.S. and Canada. Episodes are available Fridays at 12:00 a.m. ET on the Starz app, all Starz streaming and on-demand platforms and internationally on the Lionsgate+ premium streaming platform across the UK and Ireland.

Watch the clip above.