Nick Cannon Resurfaces Controversial Tweets From Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler

Nick Cannon Amy Schumer Chelsea Handler (Credit: Deposit Photos)

Nick Cannon is defending his friend Kevin Hart by digging up old old tweets from Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman  and Chelsea Handler.

After the Night School actor announced Thursday he was stepping down from hosting the 2019 Oscars amid a social media storm over controversial tweets, Cannon rushed to his defense by outing female comedians for similar posts.

“Interesting I wonder if there was any backlash here…” the Wild ‘n Out star captioned a  tweet Handler posted in 2010.

In her eight-year-old tweet, Handler wrote: “This is what a f— bird likes like when he flexes,” along with a photo that is no longer available.

Cannon, who co-starred with Hart on BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, then took aim at Sarah Silverman, bringing back a tweet she posted in 2010.

“I don’t mean this in a hateful way but the new bachelorette’s a f—-t,” she tweeted.

“And I f—king love Wreck It Ralph!!!” Cannon said about Silverman’s animated film.

The actor-producer-host then shared a 2012 tweet from Schumer, in which she wrote, “Enjoy skyfall f-gs. I’m bout to get knee deep in Helen Hunt #thesessions.”

Cannon included the comment: “I’m just saying… should we keep going???”

Someone on social media tweeted to Nick Cannon:  “While you [sic] auditing tweets, you need to audit yours!”

The former America’s Got Talent host responded: “Nope!! You know I’ve been saying f—ked up s—t since twitter started! I don’t play that politically correct bulls—t! F—k politics!! Only Truth!”