‘Ready to Love’ Host Nephew Tommy Recovering From Thyroid Cancer

Nephew Tommy on Ready to Love. (Credit: Instagram)

Comedian, television host and radio personality Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles has revealed he’s recovering from thyroid cancer.

Miles, who hosts OWN’s Ready to Love, shared the details with his followers in a series of Instagram posts.

“May 18th, 2022, I got the call that I had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer,” he shared earlier this week. “August 24, 2022, surgery was performed. All cancer is 100% gone. No chemotherapy necessary.”

The media personality urged fans to get regular checkups. “If I can be an example for anyone. Stay on top of your health. Get check ups on a regular basis,” he added.

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Miles, 55, followed up with a second post and included a picture of himself in a hospital bed with wife Jacqueline Miles by his side.

“Thank you to my wife for her support. I am truly blessed,” he captioned the post.

The comedian co-hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, alongside his uncle Steve Harvey. After taking time off, Miles returned to the syndicated radio show on Sept. 26, and explained why he’d been absent.

He said a personal trainer discovered a lump on his neck while they were working out. Miles went to his primary care physician and was referred to two different specialists. On May 18, he received a phone call telling him he had cancer.

“I’m in Miami shooting Ready to Love, it’s May 18th, my wife is there with me and we’re having a good time. The doctor calls and says you have thyroid cancer,” he recalled. “If my wife hadn’t been with me, I didn’t think I would have made it through.”

He said he underwent surgery and the doctors found more cancer in his esophagus. The surgeons removed all of the cancer, but Miles said he’s still recovering and his voice hasn’t completely returned.

“By the grace of God, I’m still here,” he said. “I’m blessed. This is the biggest task I’ve had in my life, ever.”

Listen to his comments below.