Michaela Pereira on HLN Departure: We’ve Shared ‘Laughs’ and ‘Tears’

Michaela Pereira (Credit: CNN)

Michaela Pereira bid farewell to HLN Friday in an emotional goodbye segment to viewers.

On Oct. 16, The cable network announced it was canceling Pereira’s show Michaela — along with Carol Costello’s Across America and Ashleigh Banfield’s Crime & Justice — due to the changing cable news landscape.

“The current cable news landscape is dominated by politics. Our live news shows have not benefited from this trend given our story mix,” HLN head Ken Jautz said in a memo at the time.

The 48-year-old journalist’s last installment of Michaela aired on Friday, Oct. 26 — just three days before HLN’s new programming schedule goes into effect.

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Despite the unexpected turn of events, Pereira maintained an upbeat attitude throughout her goodbye.

“If you haven’t already heard, today is my last show with you on HLN. Over these last couple of years, we shared a whole lot of laughs and a lot of tears,” she said with a smile.

The newscaster then revealed her show of almost three years brought in more than 5,800 guests.

“We actually went back and checked — more than 5,800 guests have been on this show,” she said. “Celebrities, politicians, and all sorts of everyday people, all sharing themselves and their hearts with you.”

“Before we say goodbye, we thought we should take a look back at all of the great stories our team has shared with you,” Pereira added before introducing footage of her best segments. 

Michaela Pereira says goodbye to HLN. (Credit: Facebook)
Michaela Pereira says goodbye to HLN. (Credit: Facebook)

The last few seconds of the footage showed the former CNN host embracing her staffers while exclaiming, “I love you guys.”

Pereira went on to caption the farewell video: “That’s a wrap! Thank you for spending time with me. And allowing me to share your stories. It has meant the world! I’ll catch you ‘round the way.”

Although it’s not yet clear where Pereira is off to next, she has high hopes for the future.

“#onward&upward,” she tweeted to a viewer who wished her “continued success.”

Watch Pereira’s full goodbye below:

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  1. very depressing to look at her i never thought she would last in new york you could feel cris como did not like her no one likes him either….the huncho will get his walking papers soon. jeffo will be a gonner…karma cnn will change after trump leave the presidency in 2024…..but zucker will be gone

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