Michaela Pereira to Leave HLN Amid Programming Revamp

Michaela Pereira is leaving HLN.

The journalist’s two-hour daily news program, Michaela, is among three shows that will no longer air on the cable network,  Mediaite reported Tuesday.

Across America with Carol Costello and Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield — network mainstays — are also on the chopping block.

In a memo obtained by Deadline, HLN head Ken Jautz wrote to staffers Tuesday that the change is due to increased political coverage across cable news networks.

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“The current cable news landscape is dominated by politics. Our live news shows have not benefited from this trend given our story mix,” Jautz wrote.

He added: “In today’s news environment, every network has to focus on its strengths. To ensure HLN’s growth, we will shift some of our resources from live to longform programming and produce our live shows in as streamlined a manner as possible.”

Pereira, Banfield, and Costello will all host their last shows on Oct. 26, while a new programming schedule will kick off on Oct. 29.

As apart of the new programming, Morning Express With Robin Meade will extend its time slot from 6am to 12pm ET, and On the Story will air between 12pm to 3pm ET.

Pereira’s exit from HLN comes two years after she said goodbye to CNN’s New Day in April 2016.

But  Michaela —  the only live national morning program based on the West Coast — struggled to find its footing in the ever-changing network.

HLN trimmed an hour from Michaela‘s three-hour time slot in December 2016, instead choosing to expand Morning Express With Robin Meade.

Michaela Pereira has yet to issue a statement about the programming changes.

9 thoughts on “Michaela Pereira to Leave HLN Amid Programming Revamp

  1. I have to say that this is the only “news program ” that I watch and it makes me angry that Michaela will no longer be on HLN. I was stunned when she said good bye at the end of today’s show. That is the end of HLN for me.


  3. I am very upset about Michaela”s cancellation as she was my favorite person on tv. It was so nice to enjoy her kindness and humor especially in the current political atmosphere. I definitely will not be watching whatever show replaces hers. Bad move HLN!

  4. I was saddened and stunned. I watched Michaela’s show from my studio desk. A good show with a super woman, with the message and work ethic that shown through in her on air presence. What a shame for the reason given, but I will look for her elsewhere as she has so much to offer in her next broadcasting venture, She will be missed!! Smart, astute, sincere, that is Michela.

  5. I was shocked and disappointed to watch Michaela say “goodbye” today after her show on HLN. She was a positive addition to HLN and I think the network may be making a mistake. I watch HLN to get some relief from the politics.
    CNN cannot be praised enough. The amazing coverage on CNN is second to none. The commitment and integrity of ALL of their journalists are consistent. In times where the very fabric of honest journalism is being threatened by the current Administration, we need truth and facts which are uncovered by CNN journalists. We are very lucky to have CNN (now more than ever), BUT we also need some escape from 24 hours of “Breaking News”, in this very tense and worrisome political climate.
    Hope HLN can provide programming that may help to heal and calm viewers, as we face the crazy and unpredictable world each day. We need it.

  6. Why HLN expands Morning Express with a non-anchor like Robin Meade is incredulous!! Michaela Pereira brought thoughtful journalism, excellent interviewing skills set, and empathy to what is now HLN boutique news. You have got to be kidding!!! Carol Costello needed to leave as she was openly divisive, overly argumentative, and nasty in her time slot. But Robin Meade, who can’t pronounce words, fails at interviews…you’ve got to be kidding me! Something unethical is going on at HLN.

  7. I certainly agree with all of the above. It amazes me that people who supposedly “know TV” are so dumb when it comes to recognizing talent.

  8. Hln had to cut back on buget and just like any other job these two ladies had to go even though michaela job was on the line when she left CNN. They knew her job at Hln was not going to last long. This was already in the works. Michaela god bless you on your next job.you did real good at CNN and Hln.love you!

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