Lizzo Close to ‘Quitting’ Music Over ‘Bulls–t’ Comments About Her Body

Lizzo at the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson/Deposit Photos

Lizzo has threatened to give up her music career because of negative comments about her weight on social media.

The “Good as Hell” singer said she was “tired” of the “bulls–t” after she spotted a cruel post Wednesday (May 31) on Twitter.

Her comment came in response to a tweet by author and podcaster Layah Heilpern, who shared a video of Lizzo wearing a sparkling green grown and removing the detachable skirt while singing and dancing on stage.

Heilpern captioned the post: “How is Lizzo still THIS fat when she’s constantly moving this much on stage?! I wonder what she must be eating.”

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The tweet was viewed millions of times, prompting Lizzo to become a trending topic on the platform.

The Grammy-winning artist reposted Heilpern’s tweet and included a caption saying she was sick of the online abuse.

“JUST logged on the app and this is the type of s–t I see about me on a daily basis,” Lizzo wrote. “It’s really starting to make me hate the world.”

She added, “Then someone in the comments said I eat ‘lots of fast food.’ I LITERALLY STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO… I’m tired of explaining myself all the time and I just wanna get on this app w/out seeing my name in some bulls–t.”

The singer said she’s considering completely leaving the spotlight.

“Y’all don’t know how close I be to giving up on everyone and quitting and enjoying my money and my man on a F–KING FARM,” she wrote. “The Love definitely do not outweigh the Hate on social media… all because I’m fat???? This is CRAZY.”

She followed up with “I hate it here.”

The singer set her Twitter account to private sometime last month, according to published reports in April.  But Pop Crave made a screen grab and reposted her May 31 tweets.

Lizzo, 35, is known for advocating body positivity and launched an inclusive shapewear line in 2022.

52 thoughts on “Lizzo Close to ‘Quitting’ Music Over ‘Bulls–t’ Comments About Her Body

  1. Well maybe try losing a few hundred pounds and nobody would make the comments. Also- maybe give up the ridiculous antics and people wouldn’t care.

  2. All right, people… we’re almost there! Keep ’em coming until she’s out through the double-wide door.

  3. I’m sorry but pictures of her in a G string makes me want to puke. She actually thinks she looks good, God help hger.

  4. Lizzo, You are morbidly obese plus an additional 100 pounds. If you maintain this body weight, you will severely shorten your life. In addition, the years you do have will be filled with difficulty. This includes basic functions like defecation. If this entails leaving music because you have difficulty receiving these facts and truths, then you must do it. For yourself and your family.

  5. The funny thing is, if she was super skinny, people would be throwing comments like “you’re anorexic”, “eat a Big Mac will ya” and on and on.

    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” ? John Lydgate

  6. Sorry tubbo, but the majority of the people find you and your antics repulsive to say the least…the very least. Please make good on your promise and just leave, everybody will be happier…except the eye bleach companies.

  7. I thought it wasnt over until the fat lady sings….now the fat lady wont be singing, so its never over?

  8. The problem with Lizzo isn’t her weight, it’s her lack of talent and value. She’s only famous because she’s a fat black woman who was chosen by corporations for promotion of their shallow “diversity and inclusion” scam. There’s nothing that will turn people away from supporting “diversity and inclusion” more than boosting and promoting people just for those “diversity and inclusion” reasons rather than actual value and talent. It’s offensive for both liberals and conservatives – those with a brain, that is. But narcissists and hacks like Lizzo will not take an honest look at how she got where she is, and instead will cry “bigotry” and “hatred” when called out on their BS. These people are self-serving, and don’t really care about true diversity and inclusion.

  9. Anyone remember deuce Bigelow? Her lingerie would be more popular if it had a place to stuff a few rotisserie chickens. Now that’s what I would call inclusive.

  10. If that’s what it takes to have her keep her clothes on then keep the jokes coming.

  11. Adele did something about her weight. Adele is a much more talented vocalist than this Lizzo. That said, young girls enamored with morbid obesity have a serious health reality coming their way. This Lizzo included, so be an example. Show a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise. The alternative is a life of diabetes, hypertension and cardiac failure not to mention the emotional and psychological damage.

  12. Threats like that only work if people care whether you leave or stay. If you leave what will you do to maintain your lifestyle?

  13. It’s not just the fact that you’re a disgusting sow, but you fail to cover up your obese azz! You should buy a mirror and get one for all the other walruses that look like you but refuse to wear appropriate clothing!

  14. lol, please do quit music and go to the fat farm. The world doesn’t need people like you spreading degenerate lies.

  15. Plain and simple. We aren’t the problem for pointing out the obvious. Every cardiologist on earth would tell Lizzo she’s a walking cardiac arrest. But our corrupt media is so cynical, they are hoping that by defending her today, they’ll get much more news clicks later when she drops dead.

  16. This is an offer we can’t refuse. Keep up thew insults and may she’ll go back to working at McDonald’s

  17. Her problem is wearing clothing that is NOT appropriate. Ok so you’re overweight….that’s not an issue, it’s wearing skimpy clothing that is bordering on offensive. No one wants to see all that….cover up more and you wouldn’t be dealing with this stuff, but hey if you wanna leave, then go for it, no one is stopping you

  18. My God!! I just realized I have seen that movie twice and never realized that Free Willie could sing.

  19. There is nothing beautiful, IMO, in morbid obesity. She may quit music involuntarily when her heart stops because of overload.

  20. Lizzo is bluffing, everyone knows whales love to sing. If she stopped singing what what be her new career? No one is going to hire her to sling burgers for fear she’d eat more than sell.

  21. So, if her fantasies are not indulged, she’s threatening to…not have her fantasies indulged?

  22. Apparently being an internationally-acclaimed celebrity and making essloads of money is more of a challenge than working a 9-5 job and struggling to make ends meet.

  23. I don’t care if she’s fat. It’s her disgusting vile talk that that bothers me. I’m glad she’s finally going to retire on her “F*cking Farm.” She’ll have a nice warm pen to sleep in with the rest of the foul hogs.

  24. “Body positive” is just another mantra like “participant ribbon” to eliminate the “winner” mindset. It started 40 years ago, by the way ONLY in Western/WASP nations, expanded by Nihilist Marxist groups, and 100% funded and inspired by WASP-hating, self-hating, satanic billionaires.

  25. Nobody would care about her weight, if she’d stop dressing like Taylor Swift and pretending that she’s just fine and perfectly healthy the way she is. She’s not. And, no amount of delusion will change that simple reality. Sorry.

  26. the problem with lizzo is she’s a poster child for attempting to normalize morbid obesity and to redefine beauty as morbid excess which is meant to be visually disgusting as there is a reason some people are attractive and some aren’t. She allows companies to push excess in eating to lead to excess in pharma pills and an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to death while companies makes multiple times what they would have with a woman weighing 120 lbs. She’s a marketing tool that will lead probably hundreds of thousands of girls to early diabetes, leg amputations, and then death. its not an act, its an evil scam and shes being used and doesn’t even see it because she’s obviously a food addict and will be cashed out by as a 10x insurance policy by her managers and they’ll attempt to martyr and make legend of an obese talentless magnified food addict that ate themselves to misery. Wake up America, there’s always more than 2 sides

  27. Empty threats. She could not give up the money and fame, which she and every other entertainer out there is addicted too. In the meantime, to all those big mouths out there, news flash, fat/obese people are very well aware at how “big” they are, so shut up already. Maybe we should have an intervention for those self-righteousness morons out there, who think they are above reproach because they are fashionably thin. You know Lizzo could lose the weight but there is no cure for a fat mouth with no brains.

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