Kym Whitley Details Feud With Jackée Harry on ‘Uncensored’: ‘We Were Having Some Problems’

Kym Whitley appears on TV One's Uncensored. (Credit: TV One)

Kym Whitley has worked in Hollywood since the 1990s, but she faced a series of challenges on her road to success.

The actress and comedian was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and Khartoum, Sudan. After attending Fisk University, she decided to pursue a career as a performer.

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Early on, Whitley met Marla Gibbs while attending a taping of the sitcom 227. Gibbs noticed she resembled fellow series star Jackée Harry and helped Whitley land a job as Harry’s stand-in or double. Although Whitley tells TV One’s autobiographical series Uncensored Harry was no fan of the hiring.

“Jackée did not like it, let’s just go ahead and be honest,” Whitley recalled. “Jackée did not like me looking like her.”

Whitley claims Harry made her life miserable. “We were having some problems. Jackée’s sister was threatening me, saying she was going to kick my butt and all kids of stuff, and I was afraid,” she says.

Per Whitley, Marla Gibbs noticed there was tension on set and offered her a little advice.

“During the filming of the show, Marla Gibbs pulled me into a closet on the set, and she said, ‘You stop taking all this abuse and you stand up for yourself!'” Whitley says.

Ultimately, Whitley decided to keep quiet because she was too afraid to make waves. Yet she says she remains friends with Gibbs to this day. Whitley also discusses her relationship with Gerald Levert, getting fired by Arsenio Hall, and an encounter with the FBI in her interview.

Kym Whitley’s episode of Uncensored was produced for TV One by Eric Tomosunas, Keith Neal, James Seppelfrick, Robert A. Boyd lll, Paul Hall (Executive Producers), Jay Allen (Co-Executive Producer), Nikki Byles (Producer of Swirl Films), Tony L. Strickland, Jawn Murray (Producers) and Kellon Akeem (Talent Producer).

Uncensored: Kym Whitley airs Sunday, Sept. 19 at 10 PM ET/9C. Watch the preview clips below.