Kirk Franklin Details Emotional First Meeting With Biological Father in New Documentary

Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story. (Credit: YouTube)

Kirk Franklin spent his entire life longing to meet his biological father.

After 53 years, the gospel legend finally met his dad and shared their emotional journey in the new documentary Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story — which premiered Sept. 15 on Franklin’s YouTube channel.

“I’ve been homeless. I’ve bathed in a church bathroom, won 19 Grammys, had a career that was beyond my imagination,” Franklin said in the film, “But nothing could prepare me for what God had in store for me in 2023.”

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The gospel artist searched for his dad while recording his new studio album, Father’s Day. The 10-track LP will be released on Oct. 6.

Franklin said he learned from a longtime friend that she met a man named Rick Hubbard at a recent funeral. Hubbard told the woman he dated Kirk’s mother five decades ago. Franklin, 53, said he avoided the funeral for a distant relative because he knew his mother Debra would be there and they hadn’t spoken in 23 years.

The music star has been open about being adopted and said numerous men have claimed to be his father over the years.

Franklin and Hubbard took DNA tests, which confirmed there’s a 99.9999 percent chance they are father and son.

“What? What? This man is my father?” a stunned Kirk said as his doctor gave him the results of his test.

Kirk learned Hubbard lives down the street from the recording studio where he works and the two met in May 2023.

Franklin tried to reassure his dad as they both cried. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t know,” he told Hubbard.

The singer later met with his mother, who swore Hubbard is not his dad and said the DNA tests are wrong.

Hubbard later told Franklin he wants them to have a relationship.

“I have enough room and enough love in my heart for you and whoever else you choose to bring into my life,” he said.

The 35-minute short film, Father’s Day: A Kirk Franklin Story, is currently available to watch on YouTube.