Jennifer Hudson Surprises Bus Driver Who Rescued 37 Kids From Burning Bus – With $15,000 Check

Jennifer Hudson presented a hero school bus driver with a check on The Jennifer Hudson Show (Credit: YouTube)

Jennifer Hudson honored a Milwaukee school bus driver, who rescued 37 children from a burning bus, by presenting her with a $15,000 check and free baby supplies.

Imunek Williams appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show and shared the story of how she helped get more than three dozen kids off her bus after it caught fire on the morning of May 31.

“The smoke was just coming in my face,” Williams told Hudson about the ordeal, which happened while she was driving the students to school.

Williams called her dispatcher to tell them about the smoke. As they continued to ask her questions, Williams said she realized she needed to get the kids off the bus before it was too late.

“I yelled at my students, ‘Wake up! Get up. Get your siblings. Let’s go, we have to get off this bus,'” she recalled.

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Williams was eight months pregnant at the time that she helped get the 37 students to safety. Local news reports showed the bus engulfed in flames.

After listening to Williams’ story, Hudson said her show had partnered with Huggies to offer the hero bus driver free baby supplies and a $15,000 check to help her family.

“We see what you do,” Hudson said. “Keep being a light that you are.”

Williams appeared on the show with her fiancé who recently suffered a blood clot in his spine that left him partially paralyzed. The two are parents to two little boys. They thanked Hudson and Huggies for recognizing them.

The Jennifer Hudson Show returned on Monday, Oct. 2, after a delay because of the Writers Guild of America strike.

Watch the video below of Williams sharing her story.