Gayle King Suggests ‘King Charles’ May Not Be Gone for Good

Gayle King and Charles Barkley on King Charles. (Credit: CNN)

Gayle King has taken issue with reports saying her CNN talk show with Charles Barkley, King Charles, was canceled.

On April 15, CNN confirmed in a statement that the weekly series had ended its limited run after six months.

Fast forward to Wednesday, April 17, and King suggested the show could eventually return in some form.

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The CBS Mornings co-anchor shared a video on Instagram from her last day at King Charles, and said she adored working with NBA star-turned-analyst Barkley.

“BIG SIGH! Having #KingCharlesCNN withdrawals today! When we wrapped up our show last Wednesday, @charleswbarkley and I had this moment,” King captioned the behind the scenes video.

“The plan was always for it to be a limited run. Reports of our death aka cancellation have been greatly exaggerated aka wrong!” she continued.

The newscaster then suggested the show may not be gone for good. “We’re all trying to decide next steps… in the meantime boy was that fun!” King added.

Several people commented on the post, saying they “loved” the show and suggested King and Barkley do a podcast together.

King Charles premiered on Nov. 29, before CNN changed management regimes.

The show focused on topics ranging from politics to pop culture.

On one episode, King and Charles chatted with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and Bravo TV personality Andy Cohen (who hosts Watch What Happens Live) about “tense” interview moments.

For King, one of her most challenging interviews was an explosive 2019 sit down with R. Kelly, before he was convicted in 2021 of racketeering and violating an anti-sex trafficking law.

King maintained her composure throughout the interview, but noted on King Charles that the conversation went “off the rails.”

The most tense moment was when Kelly jumped out of his seat, cried and yelled: “Stop it. Y’all quit playing… I didn’t do this stuff. This is not me. I’m fighting for my fu–ing life.”

Despite Kelly’s emotional meltdown, King said the R&B singer’s team later thanked her for allowing people to see the fallen musician’s “passion and his pain.”