Fans Blast Tamar Braxton’s ‘Dramatic’ Behavior on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Credit: Celebrity Big Brother/YouTube

Some Celebrity Big Brother fans have had it with Season 2 contestant Tamar Braxton.

Viewers took to Twitter during Wednesday night’s episode to complain that the singer and former The Real co-host is “dramatic” and “obnoxious,” to name a few insults.

“Tamar has got to go,” one person tweeted about the 41-year-old entertainer. “So annoying!!!”

“I’m sure Tamar is a good, sweet person, but she is SO dramatic and annoying,” someone else said.

“Tamar is the worst person on the show!” another person chimed in. “If she’s not playing it up for the camera than this woman is obnoxious as hell for real.”

It’s possible some people are irritated with Braxton due to her numerous fights with fellow housemates, including her recent blowout with Kato Kaelin.

The two got into an argument earlier this week after Kaelin nominated Braxton for eviction. O.J. Simpson’s former houseguest reasoned that Braxton was a good candidate given that she probably misses her 5-year-old son, Logan.

The R&B singer, however, didn’t take Kaelin’s comments in a positive way.

“My kid is off-limits to everybody. You say nothing about my son, ” she said through tears. “Man, I have been going through a lot. You don’t come for my kid and my motherhood. I am a single mother by choice ‘cause I want a better life for my kid.”

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Braxton has also butted heads with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss, even though the two went on tour together in 2018.

“The tour, it was horrible for me because I was having trouble in my marriage, I was having issues in my career, things were all over the place,” the Maryland native told an admittedly confused Burruss. “You personally interjected yourself in the situation by talking crazy about me when you just should have said nothing. From my perspective, it was totally, utterly disrespectful and unprofessional.”

But Braxton’s flair for drama isn’t rubbing everyone the wrong way. Some viewers defended her on Twitter, arguing that she makes the show entertaining.

“I’m not sure how I feel about Tamar but I do know one thing, she’s entertaining!” one fan tweeted.

“I’m sorry but you just can’t get rid of Tamar, she’s just too entertaining,” another person agreed.

Some people especially loved Braxton’s terrified reaction to Wednesday night’s haunted house challenge.

A supporter commented: “Tamar in this haunted house is HILARIOUS!!! I’M SERIOUSLY DYING.”

“Tamar in that haunted house like! I almost wet my pants!” another commenter said.

Making matters even better for Braxton? America voted to give her an edge called “Power of the Publicist,” which she can use to save herself from eviction. But she can only cash in her power once, and it will expire on Feb. 4.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother will air on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 8 pm ET.